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Kuna Smart Security System & Kuna Subscription Review

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Keeping your home secure and your family away from harm will always be the utmost priority. But the reality is that you can’t stay with your family at all times. You need a professional security solution to handle the most demanding challenges that can appear. And that’s where the Kuna Security System comes into play. This is a professional security system that will help you eliminate security problems and focus on results more than anything else. The system is unique, efficient and it delivers all the value you want in a single package!

Why should you use the Kuna store?

Because Kuna is one of the main security system providers on the market. They are also working closely with major shipping companies, so you can easily get the desired Kuna product shipped very fast once you purchase it. They are also focused solely on security systems, which is a huge advantage for any customer. And the best part is that purchasing directly from the store also gives a faster refund or a replacement unit in case anything goes wrong. These are some of the most important aspects to focus on. You can also find a Kuna sale from time to time on their store. In addition, they have an extraordinary Kuna discount system too, not to mention you can find various discount codes for their products online too. So this is by far the best place to purchase the Kuna Security System or any other product.

Smart Security Light Review

The Kuna Security light review started with a revelation for us. No one will really notice that the beautiful light fixture is actually hiding a security camera. But that’s the crucial aspect behind this product, the fact that it works the way you want, it’s adaptable, adjustable and very affordable. It’s only suitable for the outdoor regions, as you can imagine.

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Kuna Home Security System Products
But there are some great features here, even if you can’t use it for monitoring any issues inside, you do have resistance against the elements. So just because it’s outside, that doesn’t necessarily mean it will get damaged anytime soon. And that is obviously going to be a very good thing to say the least.

During the Kuna Security light review, we also noticed that the Smart Security Light works great with the Kuna app. You really get to have a fully immersive internet of things security system. And the best part is that it’s barely noticeable. The added waterproofing and snow-proofing features clearly show that this is an amazing, high quality unique security system.

The way you use the Smart Security Light is very simple. You connect the device just like you would with a regular porch light. Once you do that, you have to install the Kuna app and then sync it right away. Once you did that, the app will automatically start protecting your home, and the results can indeed be spectacular.

Within the box you can find the unit itself, nuts and screws, a holding hook, screw length indicator, a mounting bracket and that’s it. Since it’s hardwired, there’s no need for batteries, and that’s actually a good thing. You get to have more emphasis on value and quality, and that will help you immensely as you try to achieve the best results.

What do you need to consider before buying? You do need to have a smart home hub and you also need good internet. The Smart Security Light won’t work that well without good internet. So that is pretty much a prerequisite to say the least. But it all comes down to finding the right system, in this case this is a discrete security system that you can use during the day and night without people knowing about it. that alone is amazing and it shows the amazing, true value offered by this kind of product to begin with.

An important thing we noticed during the Kuna security light review is that there are 4 models to choose from here. You have the craftsman unit, the traditional one, the contemporary one and the coach unit. All of these are actually very impressive and you will enjoy them quite a bit due to that. It’s safe to say that just about all of these models are distinct and they can suit your home design really well. After all, these units are focused on hiding the spy features, so they are quite ornate and simply stunning from a visual standpoint.

Thankfully, even if the Smart Security Light price is not super high, you also have lots of great Kuna discount options and sales on the site. That’s especially true near holidays, but at the same time you can also go online and check out some of the various discounts too. Either way, you are bound to have a great time using this tool and improving your home protection, and that’s extremely important. SO all in all, the Smart Security Light is a great product to buy, especially if you want an inconspicuous home security unit.

Maximus Camera Flood Light Review

The design offered by this Camera Flood Light is unlike anything you can ever find out there. You have a 270-degree detection, not to mention you receive full HD video. The unit also has a range of 70 feet and 2400 lumen. Basically, nothing will remain undetected if you use this product, and that on its own is super impressive and also a bit scary if you think about it. That’s one of the coolest things about owning such a product, the fact that you have comprehensive security features at an amazing price.

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Maximus Camera Flood Light
Despite the fact that it has a strange design, installing the Camera Flood Light is very easy. You also have waterproofing here, not to mention the product is UL wet location compliant. No matter if there are 122 or -4 degrees outside, you can still use the product without any problems. That clearly shows the efficiency of such a unit and just how reliable can really be to begin with. The product is impressive, unique and it always delivers all the stuff you want in no time.

The Camera Flood Light package is not that impressive honestly. You just have the back plate cover and the unit itself. It could be way better, but considering that the price is not super high and you can also get this during the Kuna sale often, it’s still a decent value.

The way you install this product is simple. You have to connect it just like any regular floodlight. You then have to install the Kuna app on your phone. Once you do that, you can easily start protecting your home in minutes.

If you want the Camera Flood Light, make sure that you know how to use a floodlight. Also, you need to follow the installation instructions to the letter. There’s no room for error, in case any problem appears you need to repair it as quickly as possible. But it will be well worth it just because it’s one of the most comprehensive and high-performance units you can find out there.

Kuna Toucan Surveillance Kit

If you want the best security solution that’s basically impossible to check and see, the Kuna Toucan Surveillance Kit can really pay off. It’s a great tool that combines a great lighting system near your door with a professional, full HD camera. It does a very good job at combining great light quality with extraordinary security options. And you can easily find this Kuna Toucan Surveillance Kit on a Kuna discount too, which is very nice.

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Kuna Toucan Surveillance Kit
The Kuna Toucan Surveillance Kit retrofits to any ceiling or porch light via USB. So in theory you can easily use it inside if you want and it will work just as nicely. But as you saw in the Kuna Security Light review, these units are particularly designed to offer amazing security features. The 1080P camera is immaculate and it works extremely well. It’s also super adjustable and adaptable to your own needs.

How can you install the Kuna Toucan Surveillance Kit? The thing you want to do here is to connect the smart socket to your fixture and then the camera will receive power through an USB cable. The package you get with this is pretty comprehensive and it features all the stuff you want in one great package. It’s certainly something distinct and unique, and you will be amazed with the sheer attention to quality you receive this way.

When it comes to the features you can expect, the Kuna Toucan Surveillance Kit is quite astonishing. It has two way talk, HD video live feed, classic smart detection, 2 hour event lookback, manual recording, light controls, animated event thumbnails, 3 downloads per month, in-app sound alarm and so on. Considering the side of this tool, the functionality is downright amazing.

Kuna Subscription Service Review

If you want a bit more than just the unit, then you have the Kuna Subscription to enjoy as well. The Kuna Subscription Service is great because it allows you to increase the functionality of your product. But unlike other products that make this a mandatory purchase, the Kuna Subscription Service is actually optional. But if you need the stuff that it can provide, it’s well worth it.

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Kuna Subscription Service
First, you need to know that there are 3 options. Essential security ($4.99/month) is the first and it offers support for 1 camera, 7 days of look back, unlimited downloads, thief protection, KUNA AI as well as 5% Kuna discount. Then you have Peace of mind, this option is $9.99 per month and it has the same features, as well as support for 4 cameras in total, 2 weeks of look back and 10% discount. Lastly you have Absolute Control, a $20/month plan that gives an entire month of look back, support for 8 cameras and 15% discount. The best one is Peace of Mind; however, you can easily stick with Essential Security and make the most out of those $5 per month.

You can check out any of these options with a 14-day trial, so it’s a very good idea to use the trial until you figure out what option works for you. In the end you will be quite happy with the experience, so all you need is to check it out and enjoy the experience.

Even if you don’t have premium, you still get manual recording, in-app sound alarm, animated event thumbnails, automated greetings, classic smart detection, 2 hours lookback, 3 downloads per month, pre-recorded messages, 2-way talk as well as constant live video feed.

Whether the Kuna Subscription Service is a good one or not, it all comes down to personal needs and preferences. For the most part this is a great option if you want to focus on getting theft protection and more lookback. Sometimes 2 hours of lookback will not be enough, especially if you are away. But the Essential Security option delivers all you want in a great package, so for the most part that will be more than ok. You just have to give it a shot and the trial will work very well for what you need here.

The fact that you receive multiple notifications and support for more than a single camera is amazing. It really shows the true prowess of this Kuna Subscription Service. A lot of people will see during their own Kuna Subscription review process that the cameras are super-fast and reliable. It just makes a lot of sense, and you will be quite happy with the way everything pans out. Plus, you get access to the AI.

The KUNA AI is super powerful and it definitely provides all the features and benefits you want. It’s a good idea to check it out, just because there are many great ideas to focus on here.


As a whole, using the Kuna security systems is incredible and it does help you stay away from any security issues in the long run. Of course, it will take a bit of time to get used to this, but it’s well worth the effort. And since there are so many customization options, you will not have a problem making every Kuna product your own. Even the Kuna Subscription Service is amazing, just because it has so many features and the paid options like the KUNA AI do make the difference, since you know who arrives at your door, if it’s a delivery person or a thief. All in all, you should give the Kuna security systems a shot, as they are well worth it!

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