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15% Off iHerb Coupon | 10 Reasons Why iHerb.com is a Great Place To Shop | Full Review

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Shop at iHerb.com and enter iHerb coupon code "RUT7824" to save 15% off your order. New customers get an additional $5 Off at iHerb.com. iHerb provides the best overall value for natural products through e-simplicity. Since 1996, iHerb has striven to enhance your online shopping experience. Initially, iHerb.com promoted the benefits of St. John's Wort. Hence the name: iHerb. It is now a world-class online store, supplying a vast selection of brand named herbal products. We believe iHerb offers the best overall value for all natural health products. Their success and very existence are dependent on their repeat orders and word-of-mouth recommendations by satisfied customers like you.

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About iHerbs Loyalty Program (Additional 10% Credit)
- You earn loyalty credit for every order you place at iHerb!
- Loyalty credit is equal to 10% of the value of your order, excluding shipping charges.
- Your loyalty credit will be applied towards your next order as soon as your current order has shipped.
- Your loyalty credits are valid for up to 60 days from the date of your last purchase.
- The loyalty credit is addition to iHerb coupon code offered by us.

Watch this quick 50 seconds video to learn about how to apply iHerb coupon code to your order.

Continue reading this post to learn more about iHerb.com.

iHerb Review

In this iHerb review, we focus on an internet company that has been one of the first to sell vitamins, supplements, health and beauty products online, not only in the United States, but across the world.

iHerb was launched in 1996, which means it has been around for close to 23 years now. That is outstanding in the internet era where online startups are launched with much fanfare only to shut down and disappear a few years later without a trace.

The company has multiple distribution centers, including California, Pennsylvania, Kentucky and Illinois. They specialize in natural and herbal products, such as herbal products, vitamins and supplements, which they sell at affordable prices with quick shipping.

iHerb has a massive inventory of products – they sell more than 35,000 products from more than 1,200 brands. They ship the products all over the world.

The company takes great pride in delivering high quality products at affordable prices with fast shipping and friendly and helpful customer support.

The company is known across the globe for offering great discounts and special packages. There are many takers for iHerb discount offers and special coupons such as the iHerb Coupon (RUT7824 coupon saves 15%), for example.

iHerb has become so big since the year it was launched that it is easy to forget that they started with just one product - St. John’s Wort – which is a natural solution to treating depression.

Since then, it has grown into a world class ecommerce company and a trusted name in the Vitamins, Supplements and Herbal products niche. Millions of people from across the globe have purchased vitamins, supplements, health and beauty and other herbal products online at iHerb.com.

Top 10 Reasons Why iHerb Is Great Place To Shop

Reason #1: The iHerb Triple Guarantee – Value Guarantee, Quality Guarantee and Delivery Guarantee

iHerb guarantees that their prices are 30% to 50% lower compared to other health food stores and natural pharmacies. The promise to provide the best prices you will get online for over 35,000 products.

All products on the site go through third party quality checks under the iTested program, which we discussed earlier. The company guarantees that every ordered will be delivered to your doorstep; no excuses for any failure to make the delivery on time.

Reason #2: The Trial Section

One of the most interesting aspects of the iHerb website is their Trial Section, where you can buy a small quantity of any item that interests you for a very small price.

For example, you can buy a couple of capsules of a multivitamin supplement that catches your fancy for just 20 cents. You can buy just one sample for each product that you find interesting.

This way you can find out if it is worth the money or not; if yes, you can then place a much bigger order for the product.

Reason #3: Fresh Products

iHerb has two large distribution centers in the US and warehouses across the world. Their distribution centers and warehouses are climate controlled, which ensures that their products are always delivered fresh.

Reason #4: High Product Turnover Rate

One of the most impressive things about iHerb is their high product turnover rate. The inventory turnover rate at iHerb.com is 8.1, which indicates that they don’t have much trouble finding buyers for their products.

This is one of the most popular ecommerce sites in the world, especially in the all-natural products, vitamins and supplements category. They don’t waste much time in discarding outdated or unpopular products and bringing in new and popular products.

You will find all the latest vitamins and supplements that are currently in demand in the marketplace. Also, all products on the store are fresh. You don’t have to worry about getting something that has already crossed its expiration date.

Reason #5: User Friendly Website

The iHerb.com site is very well organized with fast and efficient navigation. It is much easier to buy what you need from iHerb.com than from a local brick and mortar store.

All products on iHerb.com are arranged into 8 different categories: Supplements, Herbs & Homeopathy, Bath & Personal Care, Beauty, Grocery, Kids & Babies, Sports & Pets. The items are shipped to your doorsteps, wherever you’re located.

Reason #6: Transparency

Every product on the iHerb.com site has several pictures. You can zoom in on any of the pictures and read the details on the labeling – pretty much the same as buying a product at a local health food store. You can go through the various products on the neatly arranged virtual shelves and find what you’re looking for.

Reason #7: Commitment to Customers

If any of the products at iHerb are not available at the moment, then you can hit the Notify Me button. You will be sent an email when the product becomes available again, so that you can carry on with the purchase.

Reason #8: Honest Customer Reviews.

Every iHerb review you see on the iHerb.com website is by actual their customers who have purchased the products from iHerb.com. These are 100% authentic and genuine reviews by real customers, not paid reviews like you see on many other sites.

Reason #9: Protection of Customer’s Right to Privacy.

iHerb is one of those rare ecommerce sites that takes the personal privacy of customers very seriously. The company has been around since 1996, but has never sold or leased any personal or private customer information to third parties in this time. It is also compliant with the mandatory GDPR privacy laws of the EU.

Reason #10: Friendly + Professional Customer Support

Anyone who has talked to iHerb customer support before would tell you how prompt and professional they are at answering queries and resolving issues. They are friendly and courteous, fast and efficient. Also, the customer support staff at iHerb are very knowledgeable about the various products sold by the store.

For example, you can ask them about the best health products for different medical conditions. So if you suffer from type 2 diabetes, call up the iHerb customer support and find out which health foods are suitable for diabetes patients and which are not. You can get in touch with them through a 24/7 online live chat service, or send your queries by filling up their contact form.

iHerb Shipping – In the United States and Overseas

iHerb is an American company with a massive international presence. The company sells health products in more than 150 countries and has millions of customers across the globe. In a lot of ways, iHerb.com is like the Amazon of natural and herbal products or health foods and supplements.

Shipping is very fast on iHerb. Customers within the United States can expect the delivery to take about 1 to 3 days, while international customers get their orders delivered in 3 to 5 business days.

In addition to that, iHerb free shipping is offered on domestic orders of over $35. In addition to saving on shipping, you can use iHerb Promo Code RUT7824 to take 15% Off at iHerb.com.

Watch this quick video to learn about how to get iHerb free shipping on your order.

iHerb free shipping code: RUT7824
iHerb offer link: https://www.iherb.com/?pcode=welcome5&rcode=RUT7824

iHerb Mission and Values

iHerb is a global company and has millions of customers in more than 150 countries around the world. iHerb employees come from more than 30 countries and come from a wide range of professional, religious, ethnic, social, economic and educational backgrounds.

This is a truly international company with a true focus on diversity and inclusiveness. In addition to the U.S. based staff, iHerb members come from many other countries such as:

Mexico, Ukraine, United Kingdom, Morocco, Panama, Australia, Canada, China, Bangladesh, Belarus, Brazil, Colombia, Cuba, El Salvador, Guatemala, Iran, France, Somalia, Taiwan, Trinidad & Tobago, Germany, Japan, Kazakhstan, Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Qatar, Russia, Saudi Arabia and Vietnam.

This is a company does not tolerate any sort of racial or sexual discrimination. The iHerb workplace is professional but friendly. The managers take great care to make sure nobody feels unwelcome or unwanted in any way, whether because of their age, gender, sexuality, religion, nationality or race, or any other reason.

iHerb.com Products Quality and Transparency

All iHerb products are fresh and of a superior quality because they are stored in state-of-the-art GMP certified climate controlled distribution centers.

Of special significance is the iTested Program, through which iHerb ensures that all of their products are tested for quality at a third party lab. All products from the company carry the iTested logo.

The iTested programs confirms Quality, Transparency and Value. Every product comes with a detailed Supplement Facts Panel and/or Nutrition Facts Panel. The products are tested to confirm Clean Label Standards such as a Heavy Metal Analysis and a Microbial Analysis.

The tests are carried out every 6 months. The goal is to ensure quality, transparency and value across every stage of the production, across the family of iHerb brands.

iHerb Products

There are more than 35,000 products on iHerb.com from 1,200 or more brands. The products are arranged into 8 different categories: Vitamins & Supplements, Herbs & Homeopathy, Bath & Personal Care, Beauty, Grocery, Kids & Babies, Sports and Pets.

Vitamins & Supplements – Vitamins & Supplements are the most important product category on iHerb. Chances are you’re not getting all the nutrition you need from your daily diet, and this is affecting your health. That is why you should have a look at the online catalogue of vitamins and supplements on the iHerb.com site. All supplements have only 100% natural ingredients and are perfectly safe, with no side effects of any sort. Also, they are priced attractively, which is a bonus.

Sports – Sports Nutrition is another major category in iHerb.com. You can choose from a variety of supplements and sports nutrition solutions such as amino acids, proteins, creatine, which make you stronger, faster and leaner and recover faster from a workout or an injury.

Herbs & Homeopathy – iHerb.com started off as an online seller of herbal and homeopathy products, and this is still one of the biggest product lines on the site. You can choose from a wide variety of herbal supplements and homeopathic medicines on the site. These are 100% natural and quality products and are perfectly safe, with no side effects of any sort.

Bath & Personal Care – iHerb has a large collection of bath and personal care products such as shampoos, soaps, toothpastes,
skin moisturizers, deodorants and many more. All products are made from 100% natural ingredients with no synthetics or toxins of any sort. So you don’t have to worry about any sort of side effects from these products.

Beauty – iHerb has a massive collection of Beauty products for both men and women. This includes cosmetics, face masks, moisturizers and creams, makeup brushes and much more. What makes the Beauty products on this site different from those you find on Amazon, for example, is that they are made from only natural herbs and ingredients.

Grocery – iHerb is the place to go for 100% natural and organic grocery products such as green tea, honey, cereals, fruits and vegetables and more.

Baby & Kids – Parents would be delighted to know that iHerb.com has something for them as well. You can choose from a variety of high quality and safe Baby & Kids products on iHerb.com, including diapers, toys, baby feeding and more.

Pets – Do you have a pet cat or dog at home? Pamper your pets with the pet supplements, grooming, treats, toys, food and more from iHerb.com.

15% Off iHerb Discount Code: RUT7824
iHerb Offer: https://www.iherb.com/?pcode=welcome5&rcode=RUT7824
This iHerb promo code includes the 10% Loyalty credit. Please new customers get an additional $5 Off using this iHerb coupon.

How Shoppers Can Save Money on iHerb

There are 6 ways Shoppers Can Save Money on iHerb for the best value possible.

#1: iHerb Coupons

You can choose from a range of iHerb coupons, such as iHerb coupon code "RUT7824" which gives you 15% off any purchase. This discount includes the 10% loyalty credit earned based on your order value.

In addition, new customers can use iHerb promo code WELCOME5 to save an additional $5 off on their first order.

#2: iHerb Loyalty Credits

You can opt for iHerb Loyalty Credits that give you a credit of 10% to 15% on every purchase. No iHerb promo code is required to earn the Loyalty credits. The Loyalty credits are calculated based on the total order value and can be redeemed during future iHerb orders.

#3: iHerb Discounts

iHerb Discount offers are among the best you will get anywhere on the internet. There are thousands of items available on discount on iHerb.com, which can help you to save atleast 5 to 10% on your order.

The discounts can go even higher on holidays and special occasions. They always publish special iHerb coupons and discounts on popular products during such occasions. We suggest signing up for their guest list to stay up-to-date on such offers. Nevertheless, you can always use iHerb promo Code "RUT7824" to get 15% off year around.

#4: iHerb Free or Discounted Shipping

You can enjoy iHerb free shipping on any domestic order over $35 and discounted shipping on international orders. No iHerb Free Shipping code is needed to qualify for this offer.

#5: iHerb Bulk Ordering

Another way to save money is through bulk ordering on iHerb. The more quantities of the same product you buy, higher the saving. Plus you get an additional discount by applying iHerb promo code on your bulk order. It all adds up in the end!

#6: iHerb Site-Wide Sales

One of the best ways to save money on iHerb is to participate in the site-wide sales held on special occasions, such as on Black Friday, Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

During such events, almost every item on iHerb is available at a discount, at the lowest price you will find anywhere on the internet or in offline stores. In fact, iHerb discounts are so good that most items on the store can be purchased at 30% to 40% lower compared to other sites or any of the local health food stores.

Always find the latest iHerb Sales and promotions at the link below -
This link automatically applies the iHerb coupon code to your order.

iHerb offers free shipping on any domestic order that is over $35. In addition to that, the company sends bonus items along with any orders over $40. No other company does that.

The company has a Specials section on their website, where they offer attractive deals on items from various categories – the iHerb promo code (RUT7824 coupon saves 15%) for example.

The company offers an extra 10% bonus on products in the Bath and Beauty category, and compelling Buy On Get One Free deals on various items, such as on Superfoods.

In addition to that, you can look forward to weekly specials on the site, which are changed every Wednesday. The iHerb discount on certain brands can be as high as 20%, sometimes even more. The company does not offer a price match guarantee, but most online shoppers would tell you that you’re not going to get such cheap prices anywhere else.

Alternatives to iHerb.com

There are many alternatives to iHerb.com such as -
• Vitacost
• Smartpowders
• Nutraplanet
• Bestpricenutrition
• Bodybuilding.com

And then there is, of course, Amazon, the biggest internet company in the world.

iHerb stands out in comparison to Amazon because the company targets a micro-niche and sells only 100% natural products. That’s why iHerb has millions of loyal customers around the world who have stuck by it all these years.

iHerb has lower prices and much lower international shipping rates compared to its competitors, especially those based in the USA. This is because of the company’s massive international presence.

One company that comes closest to iHerb is Vitacost. The difference between the two companies is that iHerb has a much larger product range, relatively lower prices and faster shipping. Also, Vitacost does not focus on vitamins and supplements as much as iHerb does.

iHerb Review Summary | Our Ratings 4.8 Out Of 5

There is much to like about iHerb.com. High quality products, wide range of products, all 100% natural ingredients, lowest prices you’re going to get anywhere on the internet, fast shipping, free or discounted shipping. Plus, there is the iHerb Triple Guarantee: Value Guarantee, Quality Guarantee and Delivery Guarantee.

Also, iHerb.com is no fly-by-the-night operator – this ecommerce site has been around since 1996, which makes it almost as old as Amazon. iHerb has a strong customer base not only in the USA, but also in 150 countries across the globe.

So if you’re looking for 100% all-natural products in these categories: Vitamins & Supplements, Herbs & Homeopathy, Bath & Personal Care, Beauty, Grocery, Kids & Babies, Sports and Pets, opt for iHerb.com. Recommended!

Ready to shop at iHerb.com? Take 15% Off at iHerb.com using our iHerb Promo code.
15% Off iHerb Coupon Code: RUT7824
iHerb Offer: https://www.iherb.com/?pcode=welcome5&rcode=RUT7824