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Teami Blends Skinny Tea, Detox, Colon & Tumbler Review (Updated 2021)

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Teami’s motto is not just about Tea, it’s a Lifestyle. Teami is helping its customers live happier and healthier lifestyles and is truly making a difference. They make sure to use tea that is of the highest quality and purest form. Get Teami Tea today and enjoy an additional discount through our exclusive Teami Blends coupon code to be used at

Continue reading below to learn more about Teami Blends products such as - Teami Skinny, Teami Energy, Teami Profit, Teami Relax, Teami Tumbler, and Teami Infuser.

Teami Skinny Tea Review

Teami Skinny Review
Teami Skinny Tea

Are you tired of the lack of energy you have due to having too much extra weight? Have you been yo-yo dieting for years, and you want to find a product that will help put that to a stop? Are you sick and tired of not being able to lose weight easily? If so, then you'll be happy to find out about Teami Skinny!

Teami Skinny Ingredients and Benefits

Teami Skinny Tea is a unique blend of all natural ingredients such as Oolong Tea, Yerba Mate, Lotus Leaf, Lime Leaf Extract, Ginger Root, Jiao Guam, Rhubarb Root. Contains plant based caffeine.

Unlike usual coffee drinks, Teami Skinny does not produce a laxative effect, so you can enjoy as many cups of Teami Skinny Tea as you wish. Teami Skinny Tea contains metabolism-boosting ingredients such as lotus leaf, yerba mate, oolong tea, lime leaf extract, ginger root, rhubarb root, and jiao Guam. This product also contains plant-based caffeine which is a fantastic fat-burning property. And, you can replace your morning coffee with a cup of Teami Skinny Tea.

Directions to Prepare Teami Skinny Tea

It is so simple to prepare, and all you have to do is add 1 teaspoon of the tea in water that is close to boiling for 3 to 5 minutes. And, you can use a tea infuser or strainer if you choose to, and it is recommended that you do. But, it is not essential. Drinking the tea leaves is also optional and you may want to in order to consume plenty of great nutrients fiber that will keep you full, so you will eat less during the day.

Even though the Teami Skinny Tea is already quite tasty, you can sweeten it by adding lemon, honey or nectar if you feel you want to sweeten it even more. This product is 100% natural and is free of GMOs, dairy, and soy.

Watch this quick video on Teami Skinny to learn more -

Key Considerations

This product is not intended to be used by children and is only meant to be used for adults. However, before purchasing this product, be sure to consult your physician if you are currently on medication, planning to get pregnant or if you are already pregnant, or if you are nursing. Remember as well that this product does contain plant-based caffeine. If you are unable to tolerate or process caffeine properly, then this product may not be ideal for you.

It is also important to mention that the Teami Skinny Tea is not meant to diagnose or cure, or prevent any kind of ailment. Any benefit that you can receive from this product will vary person to person, and the same goes for any kind of weight-loss results. Save upto 20% on Teami Profit purchase with our Teami coupons.

Teami Skinny Coupons and Discounts

You will want to make sure you purchase this product from in order to take advantage of this offer. Use Teami tea coupon REDEEM20 to get 20% Off your order over $49. That said, if you feel that this product is a great fit for your weight-loss needs, you will want to purchase Teami Skinny Tea today!

Teami Skinny Review Summary

Teami Skinny is the morning blend that you will love to drink when you wake up. You can replace your morning cup of coffee with a healthy and delicious cup of Teami Skinny which can help suppress cravings, boost metabolism, and raise energy. This is the first step to doing the Teami Blends detox program.

Teami Skinny Tea is one of the popular products by Teami Blends and is rated 4.9 stars based on 160 reviews from its customers. Its currently in stock for $29.99 at Recently Kylie Jenner had also endorsed Teami on Instagram and promoted her own 20% off Teami discount code. You can use our teami skinny coupon 'REDEEM20' to get 20% Off $49 site-wide at

Teami Detox 30 Days Pack Review

Teami Detox Promo Code
Teami Blends Detox Pack
If you are not only looking to shed those pesky pounds but you want to clean your body thoroughly because you want to get rid of any processed junk that you have taken in overtime, you are in luck! And, you don't have to spend an arm and a leg on the perfect detox program, nor jump to the one that was shown on an infomercial that you watched at 3 am because of not being able to sleep.

You may want to give Teami Detox program a try. It is a 30-day program, which includes a 30-day supply of the Skinny loose-leaf tea and 15 colon cleanse tea bags.  You will absolutely love how you will be feeling once you are on it!

Teami Detox 30 Days Pack Benefits

With Teami Detox 30 Days Pack, you will not only purge all of the toxins in your body, and you will be feeling amazing and energetic while you do. However, you are going to be boosting your metabolism that may have seemed sluggish. Muscle spasms and tightness will end, and your skin complexion will improve.

You will notice that any kind of bloating will disappear, and you'll be cleaning out your internal organs, and you'll be burning plenty of stored fat! Not to mention, if you have had issues with digestion, then this detox program will fix those pesky issues.

Teami Detox Ingredients

The Skinny Tea is made of oolong, lime leaf extract, yerba mate, ginger and rhubarb root, lotus leaf, and lime leaf extract. The colon cleanse tea is made of senna leaf and root, extract from hawthorn berry, lotus leaf, valerian root, lime leaf and extract, psyllium husk seed, Poria cocos stem bark, and Phaseolus calcaratus seed.

Teami Detox 30 Days Pack Directions

This cleanse is so easy to use. All you need to do is to take the Skinny tea every morning after you wake up so that your metabolism receives the boosts it needs each day! And then on every other night, you will be taking the Teami Colon Tea to drink before bed. You start with this on the second night of starting this detox program. And, if you do forget to drink the tea in the morning, then you can drink it as soon as you remember later in the day.

Key Considerations

This program is only recommended for adults, and before starting this detox program, you must talk to your doctor. If you are on medications, pregnant, planning to get pregnant or nursing, talk to your doctor first. Everyone reacts to these products differently, and any kind of adverse reaction that you may have cannot be predicted. Plant-based caffeine is in these teas. Additionally, results will vary person to person.

However, these teas are completely natural and vegan, and are free of GMOs, gluten, soy, and dairy. If you are ready to start this 30-day detox program, then you will want to make a full purchase today, and then if you use Teami Blends promo code REDEEM20, then you can save 20% off your Teami Detox purchase.

Teami Colon Cleanse

Teami Colon Promo Code
Teami Colon Cleanse
Over the years when you have consumed processed foods that are filled with chemicals, trans fats, and anything else that does not belong in your body, you can easily purge your body of all of those toxins. And, the reason you want to get rid of all of that crud is that your body will not absorb the nutrients properly. Additionally, you are going to end up being prone to diseases like cancer.

Teami Colon Ingredients and Benefits

The Teami Colon Cleanse Tea is made of senna leaf and root, extract from hawthorn berries, psyllium husk seed, lotus leaf, lime leaf and extract, calcaratus seed, poria cocos stem bark, valerian root, and rhubarb root.

These ingredients are known have characteristics that removes toxins from the body body. This is why you want to get yourself the Teami Cleanse Tea. This product will clean out your body and remove those toxins. And, you will find that your sleep improves along with your digestion. Your metabolism will be stronger, and so will your immune system. You will simply feel better after taking advantage of this product.

Teami Colon How-to-use Directions

You will want to drink this tea every other night. And if you are on the detox program, you will want to start on the second night. Be sure to allow the tea to sit in hot water for 1 to 3 minutes in order to get the best results before you start drinking the tea. Even though this tea is extremely tasty, you may want to add lemon, nectar or honey for additional flavors.

The Teami Colon Tea is free of GMOs, dairy, soy, and is all natural, and is vegan. However, it does contain plant-based caffeine. This product is only meant to be used by adults. If you are planning to become pregnant, or if you are pregnant or nursing, you will need to speak to your physician before using this product. The same goes for if you are on any kind of medications, as you can end up with unpleasant drug interactions.

Teami Colon Review Summary

Each Teami Colon Tea box has 15 packets, which you can use every other day for an entire month. Don't wait- get started today, make your order right now and use Teami coupon to save 20% discount on Teami Colon.

Teami Tea Tumbler Review

Teami Tea Tumbler
Are you frequently on the go? And are you looking for a convenient way to brew any of the Teami loose leaf teas based on the fact that you are rarely home? There is great news! You can with the Teami Tumbler. You will never have to worry about burning your fingers. That is because this product is double layered. This way, you can keep a cold beverage in this product as well, and it will stay cold. And hot beverages will stay hot without any kind of water condensation!

Not to mention, this product is made so well that you never have to worry about anything spilling. And the Teami Tumbler is also made of BPA-free plastic, which means there are no harmful chemicals!

The other great features that the Teami Tumbler has is that you can remove the mesh insert easily, it has a sports flip top, and it features a secret compartment to hold tea. You can choose your Tumbler two sizes, which is the regular or the original size. This one will hold 13.5 oz or 400 ml of liquid. And, the Supersize Mi Tumbler will hold 20 oz of  600 ml liquid. In addition, you can enter Teami Tumbler coupon REDEEMTUM and get a Free Teami Tumbler (600ml) worth $24.99.

How To Use Teami Tumbler?

Using this product is very easy. All you have to do is open the top and remove the mesh insert for the first step. And then be sure to take the amount of Teami Blends loose leaves tea that you want and measure it. You can always add natural sweetener if you need it. Then, pour the hot water into the tumbler, and then stop pouring once you are at 3 cm under the rim. Be sure to allow 1 to 3 minutes for the beverage to cool down before putting in the mesh insert and locking the lid in. You can always leave the tea leaves in as long as you would like.

Teami Travel Tumbler is easy to clean and simple to use, and will help you brew your loose leaf tea in just minutes whether you are home or on-the-go. The Teami Tumbler has two layers which keeps your tea hot and cold drinks cold without causing any condensation.

And, if you want to know about a great metabolism-boosting trick, then you can always add cinnamon sticks, lemon or mint in the tea. Not to mention, it will add amazing flavors.

Key Considerations When Using Teami Tumbler

Here is a word of caution. Do not pour water that is actually boiling into the tumbler. Remember that heat will cause expansion, and it will cause the hot water to leak out. Do not put the tumbler upside down either, as it will cause the contents to spill, which will be unsafe due to the fact that there is hot water in there. Take advantage of the best price today by purchasing the Teami Tea Tumbler right now!

6 reasons why we recommend using the Teami Tea Tumbler

1. It does not cause Mess or Spill – Teami tumblers are the best way to drink your Teami Blends tea without spilling or making any mess.

2. Teami Tumbler is heat resistant due to its double layered walls design. It is made of durable BPA free plastic.

3. It is perfect for Hot & Cold Beverages. Use it to drink hot coffee, team, detox water, juice, smoothies and more.

4. Its impressive design with bright and beautiful colors will make a fashion statement anywhere you take it.

5. It includes an easily removable mesh insert.

6. Great utility - It has an additional compartment at the bottom to hold tea bags, snacks or vitamins.

Teami Blends Tumbler is one of their most popular products and is rated 4.9 stars through 168 reviews from its customers. Its currently in stock for $24.99 at
Use our Teami Tumbler coupon REDEEMTUM to get a Free Teami Tumbler worth $24.99! This Teami Coupon is valid on orders over $74.

Steps to redeem this coupon -
1. Add your favorite Teami products to the cart
2. Add a Tea Tumbler with any color or size into your cart
3. Apply Teami Tumbler coupon "REDEEMTUM" and you will get your Teami Tumbler for free ie. with $24.99 discount on your order

Free Teami Tumbler Promo Code

Teami Tea Infuser Review

Teami Blends Promo Code - Infuser
Teami Blends Infuser
We are sure that you are absolutely going to love the Teami Blends Infuser. It has a classy look and is cute. Stainless steel is what the strainer ball is composed of, and the handle is made of silicone rubber. This is perfect for brewing any Teami tea blends, and the tea leaves will stay inside of the ball because the holes are very small. Not only is this product food-safe but is completely heat-resistant. '

A drip tray comes with the infuser, and you can get it in the same color. This way a mess can be prevented when you are using the drip tray with the Teami infuser. Any teacup size will fit, and there are no strange chemicals from this product. You can buy the Teami Infuser today, while you take advantage of the great price. This is a must-have when you are purchasing any of the Teami teas, along with the tumbler!

Teami Tea Infuser Benefits

- Teami Infuser fits any tea cup size
- It is made using a premium silicone rubber and stainless steel infuser ball.
- It is heat resistant and food safe.
- Its smaller holes keeps all of the tea leaves inside the infuser ball. This helps you brew a cleaner cup of tea with less floating herbs in your cup.
- It includes a drip tray with a matching color.
- The infuser prevents a mess by using the drip tray to hold your infuser.

How To Use Teami Infuser?

Teami infuser is highly recommended to get the full benefit of the Teami Experience. It is used to create a clear and smooth cup of tea! Teami infusers come in 10 exciting colors, and they are also useful and easy to clean! Just put a teaspoon of Teami into the strainer ball, close the infuser, place it in your mug and add the hot water. 

Teami infuser fits any size tea cup, and is made from food safe premium silicone rubber. The infuser is paired with a stainless steel ball, giving a stylish and functional tea infuser. Smaller holes ensure that nearly all of your tea leaves stay inside the infuser ball. 

Thus, you will find less floating herbs in your tea cup, brewing a cleaner, nicer cup of tea. Teami infuser is heat resistant and completely food safe. Enter our Teami Blends promo code to receive a free Tea Infuser With Your Purchase Over $75.

Teami Tea Infuser Review Summary

Teami Blends Infuser is rated 4.8 stars out of 5 based on 18 reviews from its customers. It's currently in stock for $8.45 at Now that you know of which Teami products to purchase in order to start taking control of your health, you can become healthy. Additionally, you can make your doctor proud that you did something wonderful for yourself by having improved overall health. You will be so happy once you start taking care of yourself. Teami will make that experience easy and enjoyable. Get a Free Teami Infuser With Your Purchase Over $75 by using our Teami Blends promo code at checkout. All our Teami Coupons are valid sitewide. Best of luck to you while you start embarking on this new healthy journey!

Teami Energy Review

Teami Energy Tea
Do you find yourself drinking cups of coffee all day and still feeling exhausted? Say Bye-Bye to coffee and Welcome to Teami Energy!

Teami Energy is designed to help you keep you active, feel energized, and get you ready to take on the day by using high quality all-natural ingredients. Teami energy contains 6 plant-based ingredients handpicked to provide you with: Vitamins A, B complex, C, D, E, Rich antioxidants, Magnesium and Potassium.

Teami Energy Ingredients 

Oolong, rhodiola rosea, ginseng, yerba mate, lemongrass, peppermint leaf, and goji berry.

Teami Energy Benefits 

A coupon of Teami Energy comes with numerous benefits.
- Increases mental alertness
- Improves your immune system
- Improves concentration
- Helps with digestion
- Reduces cravings
- Does not cause any addiction or dependency like caffeine.
- Increases cardiovascular endurance due to the increased oxygen supply to the blood
- Increases productivity

Teami Energy How-To-Use Directions

Add 1 teaspoon of the Teami Energy blend in a cup of near-boiling water for 3-5 minutes. Using Teami infuser is recommended to make your team, but not a necessity. No need to drink the leaves, but you can go right ahead if you would like, since they are filled with fiber and nutrients. If needed, add honey, lemon or nectar for a natural sweet flavor.

Watch this video to learn more about Teami Energy.

Teami Energy Tea is rated 4.8 stars out of 5 based on 20 reviews from its customers. Its currently in stock for $29.99 at Enjoy 20% Off Teami Energy purchase using our Teami Blends coupons. The Teami promo codes are valid on website only and may not be applicable on Amazon or Ebay.

Teami Profit Review

Teami Profit Promo Code
Teami Profit
Your body deserves to profit from all that nature has to offer. Teami Blend's all natural tea allows the body to rejuvenate building a strong internal foundation. For decades, tea has been has been a great alternative medicine to treat everything from constipation to cancer. The Teami profit will help you protect you from infection and illness through all the necessary vitamins and minerals it offers.

The Teami Profit's unique blend works as an anti-inflammatory, which improves the immune system, reduces cholesterol, blood circulation levels and restores the body's natural state.

Teami Energy Ingredients and Benefits 

Teami Profit is made using all-natural ingredients from East Africa, China and India, to the Middle East, offering you the top quality leaves available. Here are some of its ingredients - Peppermint Leaf, Green tea, Ganoderma, Nettle Leaf, Goji berry, Chinese red date, Roselle.

The All-Natural components of Teami Profit provide many benefits:
- Increase blood circulation by reducing high blood pressure
- Improves the immune system by reducing chances of getting sick
- Rejuvenate and detoxify the internal organs through its Anti-aging properties
- Combats cancerous cells
- Eases food cravings
- Helps with a soft and even skin complexion due to increase in red blood cells.

Teami Energy How To Use Directions

Add 1 teaspoon of the Teami Profit blend in a cup of near-boiling water for 3-5 minutes. Using Teami Blends infuser is recommended to make your team, but not a necessity. No need to drink the leaves, but you can go right ahead if you would like, since they are filled with fiber and nutrients. If needed, add honey, lemon or nectar for a natural sweet flavor. Redeem up to 20% on Teami Profit purchase when you enter our Teami Blends promo code at checkout.

Teami Profit Tea is rated 4.9 stars out of 5 based on 26 reviews from its customers. Its currently in stock for $29.99 at

Teami Relax Review

Teami Relax Coupon
Teami Blends Relax
Is your mind is still racing at the end of the day? Having difficulty in sleeping? Try Teami Relax today. Teami Relax contains 5 ingredients: Lemongrass, Lavender Flower, Orange peel, Chamomile, Valerian Root extract. Teami Relax is caffeine-free and should be consumed right before bed. These plants relax reduce insomnia by relaxing the tight muscles. Teami Relax contains calcium, potassium and B vitamin which improves the immune system, prevent flus, colds and many other illnesses. Kick your feet up, drink a cup of Teami Relax and yes, Relax.

Teami Relax Ingredients and Benefits 

Teami Relax is made with several ingredients such as Lavender Flower, Chamomile, Lemongrass, Peppermint, Valerian Root extract and Orange-peel.

These ingredients offer benefits several health benefits as mentioned below:
- Decrease in restlessness and insomnia
- Prevent and treat colds
- Soothes your muscle spasms and muscle tightness
- Relaxes the intestine linings
- Helps relax and calm the upset stomachs

Teami Relax How-To-Use Instructions

Place 1 teaspoon of the Teami Relax blend in a cup of near-boiling water for 3-5 minutes. Using Teami Blends infuser is recommended to make your team, but not a necessity. No need to drink the leaves, but you can go right ahead if you would like, since they are filled with fiber and nutrients. If needed, add honey, lemon or nectar for a natural sweet flavor.

Watch this quick video to learn more about Teami Relax.

Teami Relax Tea is rated 4.9 stars based on 19 reviews from its customers. Its currently in stock for $29.99 at Get up to 20% discount on Teami Relax order through our Teami tea coupons.

Exclusive Teami Coupons and Promotional Offers

Shop for Teami Tea today and take up to 30% off using our exclusive Teami coupons. Use Teami Blends promo codes REDEEM20' for 20% Off $49, 'REDEEMTUM' to get Free Teami Tumbler of $30 value, 'REDEEM15' for 15% Off $29 and 'REDEEM12' for 12% off your order at

Teami Blends Discount
Teami Coupon Codes
20% Off Your Entire Purchase Over $49REDEEM2031-Dec-2021
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(see how to redeem this offer)
Free Teami Alive worth $20 on $100+ OrderREDEEMA31-Dec-2021
Free Teami Tea Infuser on $50+ OrderREDEEMINF31-Dec-2021
*All above Teami Coupons are applicable site-wide.

Common Questions About Teami Blends Products

Is it Safe to drink Teami products?

Yes, all Teami Blends products use the highest quality ingredients and are made from an all-natural loose leaf tea. If you have any medical conditions, allergies, or dietary specifications, etc. please consult your doctor before your use.

Can I continue to drink coffee? 

Teami recommends to take a break from coffee while you are on the Teami Detox. Drinking coffee while on the Teami Detox can dehydrate you due to excessive caffeine in your system. The Teami Skinny provides you plenty of energy and we are sure that you won't even need coffee anymore!

What is expiry on Teami products?

Teami blends will be last forever. However, the herbs are better tasting and more beneficial when they are fresh. If you decide to store Teami tea, then place it in a air-tight container and place in the freezer.

Can you mix Teami Blends products together?

Yes, sure! You can combine multiple Teami blends for flavor or for benefits purpose. The only tea that should not be combined is the Teami Colon. It should be taken by itself every other night while on 30 Day Detox Program.

What is the 30:7 Best Detox Plan?

The 30:7 Best Detox Plan is a great plan for detoxing the body. It includes 3 Teami Detox Packs (3 month supply), and one bag of the Teami Profit blend.

Teami 30:7 Detox Plan
The program allows the body to continue to detox and aid in weight management. After you do the Teami 30 Day Detox, allow the body to refuel and balance itself for 7 days while drinking the Teami Profit blend. Repeat this program 3 times and get the best results. 30:7 Detox plan is priced at $139,99. Enjoy 20% discount when you use Teami promo code provided by Sparing Money team.

1) Teami Detox - 7 day Teami Profit = Week 1-5
2) Teami Detox - 7 day Teami Profit = Week 5-10
3) Teami Detox - 7 day Teami Profit = Week 10-15

Use our Teami tea coupon when ordering the Teami 30:7 Best Detox Plan, you get up to 20% Team blends discount.

How many cups of Teami Skinny can I make with 1 pack?

You can can make you approximately 35 cups of tea using 2.3 oz of Teami Skinny. Also, you can re-use the same loose leaves for additional 2-3 cups of tea! That increases your 35 cups into 70 or more cups. You can leave the Teami Skinny blend inside the Teami Tumbler or Infuser and add hot water to remake your tea. You can save more by using our Teami skinny coupon towards your order.

How many times can I drink my Teami Skinny throughout the day?

If you are on the Teami 30 Day Detox plan, then you should drink the Teami Skinny in the morning before breakfast. If you can't drink it before breakfast, then its still okay, the earlier in the day the better. You can also have another cup of the Teami Skinny in the afternoon! You can even use the same tea leaves as the first cup, just add more hot water.

What is included in a Teami Detox Pack?

The Teami Detox pack includes a 30-day supply of Teami Skinny tea and 15 bags of Teami Colon Cleanse.
Teami Blends Detox Pack
The detox effect is achieved by the combination of these two blends. The Teami Skinny should be used everyday use upon waking up and the Teami Colon should be consumed every second night while you are on the Teami Detox program. If you are looking for a detox tea, then Teami detox is a great program that you can include into your daily routine. The Teami Detox Tea 30 Day pack will make you feel fresh and better throughout the day. It will help you get rid of the toxins from your body and will allow your body to function properly, Boost your metabolism, burn calories and give you natural energy levels throughout the day. It will also improve your skin complexion.

Teami Detox 30 Days Pack costs $49.99, however you can save 20% on the detox plan when you use our Teami Blends discount code.

How much water should I drink while detoxing?

Hydration is a key factor to your success on your detox. During your Teami Detox Program you will reduce or eliminate toxins in your body, replenishing them with water. In average, we should consume 6-8 oz of water, however Teami suggests to drink half of your weight in water while you are on Teami Detox program. To determine your hydration requirement, obtain your body weight in pounds, then divide it by two and drink those many ounces of water everyday. For example, if you weigh 160 pounds you should drink 80 ounces of quality water each day! If you live in a hot climate or exercising, you should increase this amount.

Is the Teami Skinny effective on its own?

With Teami Skinny you will experience sustained focus and energy, reduced cravings and appetite, increased metabolism and improved skin complexion. If you are looking to Detox your body of harmful toxins that are preventing it from properly burning calories, digesting food and easily maintaining optimal goal weight is recommended.

Are there any Teami Blends Coupons or Promo Codes?

Yes, of course. Make your purchase even more exciting by saving 20% on your order using Teami Blends promo code REDEEM20. There are many more Teami Tea coupons and promo codes available. Just scroll up to top of this page to see the complete list of Teami coupons.

In addition, Teami often provide limited time discounts during holidays or special occasions. Sign-up to their guest list to stay current on the latest Teami sale or discount promotions


Today Teami is exactly what they envisioned it from the beginning. An honest company that provides the premium quality loose leaf tea to their customers and actually gets you the results you need and want. Like us on our unofficial Facebook fan page for Shop at Teami Blends today and stay healthy!


  1. I'm such a tea addict, this is perfect!

    After the year I've had, I've been looking for a good detox to do. I feel so bogged down and gross, I just need a good restart. The infuser/tumbler just cinches it for me! I'm really looking forward to trying this out - I've been seeing skinny tea advertisements around and have wanted give one a go!

  2. Hello blackbeltmomm, Teami blends is a great start if you are looking to detoxify your body and start a healthy routine. We are sure that you will love Teami Skinny and tumbler the moment you start using them!

  3. I tried this product a few months back. Did a quick trial detox with my husband and we mainly noticed it helped with cravings, especially junk food cravings which we have a bad habit of.

  4. Yeah I've heard from many people about this teami blend and all of them recommended to buy this tea. But some people also say that pukka detox tea is better than all other detox teas. So can you please clarify which one is better pukka or teami?