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GoTenna creates distributed comm­un­i­ca­tion networks that increase scale, resiliency, and access. GoTenna builds next-generation wireless network to power bottom-up communications networks that get stronger as they grow. Their parallel networks are designed to both enable completely off-grid communication and augment traditional systems by extending the practical edge of connectivity.

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1) GoTenna Mesh
Get GoTenna mesh Pair to your phone and create your own signal.
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GoTenna Mesh
GoTenna Mesh is the first 100% off-grid, mobile, long-range, consumer-ready mesh network. It lets you send texts and GPS locations, no service required. Its a evolutionary mesh networking privately and automatically relays messages through other devices to extend beyond point-to-point range; the bigger your network, the stronger your communications. GoTenna Mesh works absolutely anywhere on earth, provided there is at least one other GoTenna Mesh device in range. Whether you are traveling overseas, spending time outdoors, at a crowded event, or preparing for an emergency, GoTenna Mesh provides incredible utility in any situation where cell service or wifi is not available by empowering you to create essential connectivity during any adventure.

Product Specifications
Gotenna mesh is one of the lightest, smallest, and affordable mesh networking device.
Dimensions: 4.2 × 0.9 × 1.3 in (106.5 × 18 × 13 mm)
Weight: 1.7 oz (48 g)

What do you get when you buy Gotenna Mesh?
2 GoTenna devices
2 micro-USB charging cables
1-year limited warranty
Access to GoTenna Plus
Free ground shipping to US & Canada
30-day returns
Free Waterproof Bag with every family or 8-pack

Key Features
Mesh Networking: Privately and automatically relay messages through other devices to extend beyond point-to-point range with revolutionary mesh technology. Create your own network.
Private Messaging: Send text messages as easily as with your favorite texting app — except you don't have to rely on cell towers, routers or satellites. Chat privately 1-to-1 or in groups of up to 10, or send a public broadcast to reach all friendly users within range.
Delivery Confirmation: Count on delivery confirmation receipts for every message, so you can be sure that you're getting through to the other side.
GPS Location Mapping: Download free, detailed offline maps of any location in the world. Save and share pins so you can find yourself and others effortlessly.
Stationary Relay Mode: Drop unpaired units in strategic locations to relay messages for yourself and others — extend the coverage of your pop-up mesh network!
Secure Encryption: No towers or routers means no central data-store. That means what you say is between you and your network. An added perk? Your private chats are end-to-end encrypted.

Using GoTenna Mesh
GoTenna Mesh works absolutely anywhere on earth, provided there is at least one other GoTenna Mesh device in range. Whether you are traveling overseas, spending time outdoors, at a crowded event, or preparing for an emergency, GoTenna Mesh provides incredible utility in any situation where cell service or wifi is not available by empowering you to create essential connectivity during any adventure.

You can chat with any other GoTenna Mesh user within range. The reason you can't chat with people who don't have GoTenna Mesh is due to the physics of radio waves. You need a properly designed RF receiver to interpret a GoTenna Mesh signal. It will not send signals to devices that aren't GoTenna-enabled, since phones are designed to work with towers and wifi — exactly what GoTenna is working around — and regular radios aren't able to operate at the level of super-smart networking protocols offered by GoTenna. Also, GoTenna Mesh devices does not be interoperable with regular GoTenna devices because they operate on different frequencies. With that said, the GoTenna Plus app upgrade enables an SMS network relay feature, so you can reach people beyond your off-grid network. If a GoTenna Mesh user nearby has cell service, they can transmit your message via SMS to your intended recipient.

Range & Performance
A powered goTenna Mesh device can receive and relay messages and location data. goTenna Mesh does NOT need to be actively paired to a smartphone to serve as a relay node, but it does have to be powered on. This enables users to use goTenna Mesh devices as stationary relay points in strategic locations to increase range. As an example, image two users have four goTenna Mesh devices. Two of those devices can be used solely as relay nodes, increasing potential reach of the mesh network: User A — User B, User A — Relay Unit 1 — Relay Unit 2 — User B.
Because goTenna Mesh has a standard micro-USB port, you can leave the device paired to a power source if you plan to use it as a relay node for an extended period of time. Point-to-point range depends on your environment, and no situation is exactly the same. That being said, more open terrain often allows for greater range; line-of-sight can also help but is not required. Plus: you may be able to extend your range through other goTenna Mesh devices by relaying.
For best performance, you should try to attach goTenna Mesh externally to gear and elevate it as much as possible. For instance, attaching goTenna Mesh externally to your backpack is better than placing it anywhere inside your backpack. Also note that goTenna Mesh is not designed to be used when directly in contact with your body. The reason being that the human body can interfere with radio transmissions, including goTenna Mesh’s signal. Holding goTenna Mesh in your hand or putting in the chest pocket of a thin item of clothing could noticeably decrease your range. That said, if you want to hold it up for more height, hold it from the strap, avoiding touching the metal and plastic casing. If you put it in your pocket, try to pick a thick clothing material so the device doesn’t make contact with your skin.

In general, you can expect up to 4 mi (6.4 km) point-to-point range in open environments such as plains, desert, beach-side, etc. Expect up to 0.5 mi (0.8 km) point-to-point range in congested areas such as cities, mountains, ravines, thick forests, etc. Don’t be surprised if you get a lot less or a lot more than this — it’s quite common to get only a few blocks in very dense urban areas and the current ground-to-peak point-to-point range record for goTenna Mesh is 10 miles. (A skydiver set the open-air range point-to-point record: 26 miles!)

Private 1-to-1 and group messages sent over goTenna Mesh are end-to-end encrypted with 384-bit elliptic curve public-private key ciphering. The only exceptions are messages sent using the “shout” and “emergency” features which are by definition public conversations with others within range of you. GoTenna is very secured. Beyond the end-to-end encryption, because there is no central server there is no proverbial back-door. GoTenna mesh device does not share your usage information with GoTenna company, though you can opt-in to share completely anonymized telemetry when you have a data connection, so that GoTenna can improve their service. Again, this is limited to basic data regarding battery life, device temperature, and so forth. No messages or contact list info are included.

2) GoTenna plus
GoTenna Plus is an annual subscription service designed for those looking to get a little more out of their GoTenna experience.
It is the perfect way to get more detailed information about your surroundings and stay in better sync with your group while on your next off-grid adventure.

Gotenna is offering a limited-time introductory price of $9.99/year (normally $29/year). You can also get free 30-day trial included in the latest version of the GoTenna app/

Once you become a GoTenna Plus subscriber, you'll get access to these additional features:
Topographic Maps: View rich detail of the terrain around you. Great for outdoor adventures!
Location Tethering: Automatically send your location to a trusted contact every one, five, or ten minutes.
SMS Network Relay: If a GoTenna user nearby has cell service, they can transmit your message via SMS to your intended recipient.
Trip Statistics: Track & save data like speed, distance, and elevation traveled.
Group Delivery Confirmation: In group chats of up to 6, know who has or hasn’t received your messages.

Try GoTenna-Plus for free with 30 day trial
Sign up for GoTenna trial if you want to try out the expanded features in GoTenna plus and a chance to upgrade your off-grid adventuring. GoTenna does not be automatically charge after your trial is over, so its worth a try right?

3) GoTenna PRO
GoTenna Pro is one of the smallest, lightest, most affordable tactical mesh networking radio in the market and it works with any smartphone.
GoTenna Pro helps teams achieve full situational awareness by combining long-range burst data transmitted over VHF/UHF with smartphones’ simple user interface (iOS & Android). Created with enterprise, public safety & defense users in mind, GoTenna Pro powers reliable and resilient communications via a high-performance ruggedized radio and advanced ad-hoc mesh-networking protocols. With single-hop range often measured in miles, GoTenna Pro further redefines off-grid communications via multi-hop mesh networking protocols. Self-healing, self-defined, and with no setup required, GoTenna Aspen Grove Pro mobile ad-hoc networking (MANET) protocol ensures reliable and resilient communications in even the toughest environments. Every GoTenna Pro unit functions as a cognitive multi-hop mesh node for all other Pro units — even if unpaired to a smartphone — and all relayed data is done so privately and automatically. Meshing eliminates or reduces the need for base stations and repeaters, as every GoTenna Pro provides that same functionality. GoTenna Pro’s functional capabilities come together to provide the two most important parts of mission-critical operations: situational awareness (SA) and tactical command & control (C2).

GoTenna Pro Specifications:
It is 12x lighter and 10x smaller than legacy comms systems.
Size: 5.3 x 1 x 0.7 in or 134.62 x 25.4 x 17.78 mm
Weight 2.8 oz or 79.37 g

Here are some of the key features of GoTenna Pro:
  • Mesh: Relay signals through other devices to expand network reach. (Units will function as relays even when not paired to smartphones.)
  • SMA Connector: Integrate with any off-the-shelf antennas or systems — including aircraft, fixed radio towers or vehicles.
  • 5 Watts: RF transmissions with the power to perform in the toughest obstructed environments.
  • Tunable: Operate on any frequencies in the 142-175 MHz (VHF) & 445-480 MHz (UHF) ranges.
  • Long Battery Life: 60+ hours, or 1,200-12,000 messages, per charge, and fully rechargeable within 4-6 hours.
  • Micro-Usb Charging: No custom charging docks or cables required.
  • Ip68 & Milspec: Fully submersible and ruggedized to take any operational abuse.
  • Intrinsically Safe: Certified for use in explosive atmospheres without ignition risk.
  • Live Interactive Mapping: Use richly-detailed off-grid topographic, street and satellite maps for visual situational awareness.
  • Text Messaging: Communicate via text using private 1-to-1 or group or public broadcast transmissions.
  • Personnel Tracking: Automatically track the precise GPS location of all your team members.
  • Top Secret-Level Encryption: Transmissions encrypted with 384-bit ECC end-to-end PKI encryption.
  • Point Marking Create: and share custom points with your team to communicate dangers, rallying points, medevacs, etc., on free offline maps.
  • Emergency Beacon: Trigger automatic emergency beacons in emergency situations.
  • Perimeter / Route Marking: Create custom polygons and lines on-the-fly and share them with your team.
  • Open SDK: Integrate GoTenna Pro hardware with your own apps using GoTenna open software platform.
  • Radically Lower-Cost: At $499 per unit, with no recurring fees, GoTenna Pro costs 20-40× less than legacy comms systems. You don't have to pick between budget constraints and your comms needs — you can simply get everyone connected.
  • Outstanding Energy Efficiency: With 60+ hours of battery life off a single 3.5Wh battery, rechargeable in less than 6 hours, GoTenna Pro requires a fraction of the power of legacy comms systems.
  • Unrivaled System Simplicity On An Open Platform: GoTenna Pro works with a smartphone app designed to be similar to consumer texting and mapping apps, meaning no special training is required to operate. Just turn on, connect, and you’re ready to go. Plus, the Pro software SDK empowers you to build any other application you need for your particular mission.

Where else can you take your GoTenna Pro?
  • TAKE TO THE SKIES: Deploy small and lightweight GoTenna Pro units in advantaged positions to extend range and ensure communications in obstructed environments.
  • TACTICAL BREADCRUMBING: Rapidly deploy affordable and portable GoTenna Pro units in RF-denied environments like tunnels, dense buildings, and forests to create “pop-up” mesh networks. Operators can have multiple units, and drop them on-the-go in strategic locations to ensure a reliable link no matter what.
  • A COMMUNICATIONS FORCE MULTIPLIER: Augment the power and reach of a GoTenna Pro mesh network with satellites, LTE, wifi or any other legacy systems to reliably and practically push out the edge of your tactical network.

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