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Spanx Review | Women's Leggings, Shapewear and Activewear

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Reading through the story of Spanx for the first time, one gets a clear picture of a go-getter, a person who is ready to experiment and get the best even in the worst situation. Most of us find ourselves in the same position that Sarah Blakey (the founder of Spanx) was; we have a special occasion to attend, but none of the attires in the wardrobe would give us a smooth hourglass shape.

That’s exactly what had happened to her; Sarah did not have the right underwear, a piece of garment to give her a smooth and seamless look with her white trouser. She did something that most of us would not dare, ingenuously took a pair of scissors, snipped the legs off some top pantyhose.

The act has been hailed as a game changer; it is what gave birth to Spanx shapewear line. It also started a revolution; now women could look great with a shapewear. She embarked on a serious product development and luckily got handful celebrity customers and wide media coverage sometimes later.

Sarah's SPANX products, which ranged from leggings, pants, to shapewear, became a must-have for every woman who would like to acquire a nice hourglass shape. It still ranks highly in this field; today it has a worldwide coverage.

You will find Spanx product in different parts of the world, from Scandinavia to Sahara, the company now enjoys coverage in more than fifty countries in the world. Spanx brand now has in its name on more than 200 products, ranging from shapewear, activewear, swimsuits and now they are even making men’s garment. With these products, Spanx is now the main shapewear provider; they are providing a wide range of solutions at a budget.

Like Sarah, women now have a solution; they can wear tight trousers seamless and get the shaper they want at any time. The company has shaped me and many other men and women; it is helping us, women and men alike, feel great and lift their self-confidence.

Wait a minute; do you know what has brought all these great things? The company has a clear mission and vision and they stick to their values

Spanx Background, Mission, and Vision

Spanx has created a niche for itself; it is now respected worldwide as a brand that provides women with the latest trends to allow them to sort out common issues with their bodies, everything; from the butt to the back. Spanx promises to give absolutely best products, the highest quality that one can ever ask for with a solid reputation and durability.

And that is not all, their focus too has been entirely on their customers.

The company focuses on the quality of its products and customer relations. Over the years Spanx has grown, gaining a high reputation among the customers through providing top quality and competitively priced products. I was happy to be referred by a friend and did not get disappointed.

I later learned that majority of the customers, were just like me, they have been referred and have made Spanx the sole provider of shapewear. Even those who are located outside the country enjoy a similar experience; they can buy Spanx products in shops spread across the globe or order directly through online stores.

Most confess that they did not expect a quick delivery and the high-quality product, being their first time they were skeptical, they thought that Spanx was just like any other provider of shapewear but upon receipt of their ordered products within a short time and in quality that surpassed their expectations, they have never looked back.

Spanx is now the sole provider of their shapewear and are ready to spread the word far and wide, assist others looking for high-quality services, great customer service, and delivery.

SPANX's Focus on Quality Over Profit

I have been there and done that but now I know better. When it comes to shapewear, most of the products I had tried before I discovered promised heaven but delivered nothing close to it. They had very nice packages but eventually disappointed me as they could not give me the kind of a shape I was looking for.

They were not the kind of quality that one would go for especially when looking for a product that will last longer, and strong enough to withstand the pressure along the abdomen area as well as provide the intended comfort.

Spanx stands out in terms of quality; they have adopted a long time strategy where they have put quality over profit margins, they aim at giving the customer the best.

Wearing a Spanx product can give you two things; it is strong and eventually becomes loose. Becoming loose means that there has been a change, the desired one for that matter, you have lost the weight, something that you have always wanted.

SPANX Products for Women

The Spanx has the following as its product lines; they include leggings, apparel, active, shapewear, bras, panties, hosiery, maternity, men undergarments.

SPANX Leggings Review

Under SPANX Leggings Product line, you will get faux leather, seamless, denim, jeans, active, every wear, essential and velvet. For pregnant mothers, there are some new arrivals comfortable leggings that will make them look great even with a bulging stomach. Mama faux leather leggings are a perfect bet for any woman out there looking for great pregnant mother wear.

Women who live in parts of the world where leggings are socially acceptable it is everyone’s dream to wear a comfortable pair.

I love leggings, and nothing restricts me, I have bought several pairs from Spanx and I can’t regret, they have served me well, given me a shape that I am proud of and sometimes I can’t fail to notice the glances that come my way.

Spanx produces leggings, from faux leather to anything velvet, the fashion leggings promise to give nothing but comfort without sacrificing your style. These are attires that can be worn anywhere, talk of the office, when going out for dinner or even a night out of the town, they will fit in perfectly. The beauty of these leggings is that they come with a wide array of styles as well as colors.

I personally feel that Spanx fashion leggings should be part of your wardrobe. With Spanx fashion leggings, you have something that will make you stand out.

Plus you can save 15% Off your order using our SPANX coupon code.

SPANX Apparel Review

When it comes to SPANX apparel, Spanx covers from top to bottom; customers will find tops, denim, accessories, faux leather collections, bow and drape collections, arm tights collections among others. Among the new arrivals are the plush sweatshirts, a product which is hand selected by Spanx founder herself, with each design cut from soft fleece and given a hand detailed finish. Customers like it for its fitting design and for those who are looking for a more relaxed fit; they will get something that gives them exactly that. The lush French Terry will give you a warm and cozy feel even on that chilly morning or evening.

SPANX Activewear Review

SPANX Active wear comes in form of active cropped leggings, active printed knee leggings, full length printed leggings, shorts, tops ,workout waves sport or swim bra, active printed leggings, transformation top, active shorts, active Unitard among others. One item that will catch your eye is the Active Cropped Legging, its sleek design and a smooth feel makes it stand out. It gives you a flatter look and maintains this throughout the day. It is a perfect grab for you gym days. Its performance fabric and center seam design makes you workout comfortably.

SPANX Shapewear Review

You are guaranteed of getting wonderful bodysuits, mid thighs, footless and capris, girl’s shorts, panties, tanks and camis, and slips. Among the new outfits include the fancy strapless cupped mid-thigh bodysuit, the fancy plunge low back mid-thigh bodysuit, the fancy open bust catsuit, slimplicity booty booster girl short, onCore high-waisted brief and mid-thigh short.

Simplicity boot booster girl short has everybody talking, it will shape your butt to perfection, give you a comfortable and confident look even when you are at the lowest. It comes with removable booty pads and puts in shape the tummy, thighs and hips. It gives a laser cut edges offering a complete smooth look and you cannot be afraid that it will pull upwards; the elastic waistband helps it stay flat under the clothes.

SPANX Bras Review

At Spanx, you will get different types of bras, ranging from full coverage, wireless, underwire, bralette, racerback, push-up, unlined, strapless, demi and DD+ bras. Whatever your taste, you will get one that perfectly fits, and they come in different sizes and colours.

With Spanx bras collection all your needs are well taken care of. Up for anything strapless bra is what those women who are tired of heavy and irritating bras are going for, the innovative smart grip technology makes you comfortable that it will hold on firm even when highly active.

SPANX Panties Review

If you are looking for a place where you can source best panties in terms of quality, comfort and latest styles, Spanx will give all these combinations. In their stocks, they have briefs, thongs, boy shorts, hipsters and cheekies.

Everyday Shaping Panties is a perfect shapewear, it will keep you in the required shape all day, making you feel confident and in control. A wedgie free guarantee is brought by the flat leg opening with shaping waistband perfectly concealed to give you enough control.

Now let’s talk about the variety, in terms of sizes and colour. Everyone is represented here.

Variety of Sizes and colours

Spanx collections have taken care of all sizes, regardless if you wear small, large or extra large sizes leggings, shapewear, panties or different types of apparel; you will get the size that perfectly fits you. In their stock, they have extra Small, Small, Medium, Large, extra large among other sizes. In terms of colours, there are wide ranges; you will get something that fits all your requirements in terms of size, colour, and even fashion. Plus, you can save 15% Off Women's apparel using our SPANX promo code.

Now, it's not only women who are getting this great experience , men are part of the game too.

SPANX Products for men

If you think Spanx only caters for women need, you may not have heard about the great men body-shaping undergarments. This is a great product for men who are looking to wear those jeans or any other pair of pants which gives a great figure.

I don’t want to bore you more with my experience at Spanx, let me take you straight to their product lines, hear about the great shape wear, the bras, leggings and many other items that will give you what you need and at the same time boost your confidence to the highest levels.

SPANX Men undergarments

Although Spanx has over the year concentrated on women wear, men are also catered to. The company has introduced an array of men collection, ranging from men underwear, undershirts, and socks

SPANX Hosiery

Under this category, customers will get fashionable activewear, tights, sheers, socks, footless and shorts. Fishnet floral mid thighs shaping tights give you the right control and in the right places too. Designed to offer comfortable shaping they guarantee a perfect taming of the tummy, thighs, rear and even hips. If you are looking to save on SPANX Men's apparel, then enter SPANX coupon to get 15% off your order.

Spanx is not the only fish in the ocean, there are others but in my experience, none beat it. I will go Spanx way, all the times.


Just like Spanx, this company is female owned; it produces lingerie and shapewears. However, the company does not have a variety when it comes to shapewears. Other competitor is the Yummie Life Company and CYSM. These companies were founded in January 2008 and 2004 respectively. They all deal with women fashion clothing though they do not match Spanx in terms of variety and affordability.

In my thinking, competition makes Spanx better; they cannot rest, they are kept at toes, always ensuring that the customer gets the best. In my experience with the company, Spanx does not fear competition, in fact, it makes them stronger, providing them a learning experience, making sure that customer is always satisfied.

Why Spanx stands out from competitors?

Out of all places I have frequented in my attempt to get the shapewear and other accessories, Spanx stands out. It beat competition flatly. Here are some of the reasons why I have chosen it over the competition
• Quality products; those that meet my style and taste, they have always met my requirement and most of the time they exceed the expectations
• Affordable prices; while I am looking for a product, price is one of the consideration, if it meets the quality requirement and the price is good I will definitely take it. Spanx has affordable prices, lower than the competition but quality has not in any way been compromised.
• Spanx gives you value for money; I have never been disappointed by what this company has to offer, something that most of the competitors need to learn from the number one shapewear provider.

Why Customers Love SPANX?

Spanx ranks highly when it comes to shapewear attires, bras, panties, and other accessories. Their excellent customer support has worn the heart of many shoppers. The shopping experience one gets at Spanx makes most customers come back for more and even refer others.

This is something that I have done. I was referred by a friend, and I liked what I found at the shop. I have referred others, and they have liked it too. Shopping at Spanx will give you an experience that has been enjoyed for the last eighteen years. Celebrities and even ordinary people like the company and what it has to offer, they do not disappoint.

SPANX Coupons and Discounts

If you are looking to save, is the perfect place to shop; you will buy the products at relatively lower prices, far much better than what the competitors have to offer and at the same time items which have maintained high quality.

The company also offers discounts, and promotional SPANX coupons and with these, you can save a great deal. Be on the lookout for the next offer, and you are likely to get a huge price cut on some of the products in the market. You will get a product that sells a fortune in a competitor’s store. You will look good, turn heads in the street in a wear that you bought at a lower price.

Shopping at Spanx is a great experience, you will have an opportunity to buy from a wide variety of product and also get friendly customer support. I have in most occasions been confused, entering a store planning to buy a shapewear, bra or any other item but after staying for almost one hour, I am yet to reach where these items are displayed.

You get so many nice things such that you end up getting confused. Sometimes you even end up buying more than you had planned for. If you are a kind of person who is weak when it comes to impulse buying, shopping at Spanx will complicate matters; you will find yourself buying more, sometimes even taking credit. The best thing about this is that every item you buy is fashionable and you will definitely use it.

Key Considerations, Pros and Cons of Spanx

It is not good to praise an item or a product without giving a reason why you are doing it. I have compiled a few pros as well as cons of Spanx. In an article in the Shape Magazine, Jennipher Walters shares her experience and that of many others who wear Spanx shapewear. One thing that many people will agree with is that they certainly work, especially when it comes to looking lighter. Whether it is a swimwear or a swimsuit, you will look ten pounds lighter. It also smoothens the body leaving a clean silhouette, almost magical. It will also help you show your assets and boost the confidence level high.

Even gold has its shortcomings, Spanx as a jewel too has some issues which the company should aim at addressing if it is to continue providing perfect solutions to people who are looking for great shapes.

Jennipher and many other people, who have made Spanx their choice when it comes to shape wear, agree that it is not always rosy, there are some cons too. They at times make you feel fat, something that is supposed to make you feel good about yourself ending up achieving the opposite. Some people complain of stomach upsets, especially when there is too much pressure put on the abdomen. There has been complains of messed up body images too.

Spanx is bae, with its pros and cons; it will always remain my number one choice, and so should you. Make Spanx your partner when it comes to shapewear, leggings, apparel and many fashion clothes. In my experience, they stand out as the best, a company that has put the customer at the center of everything they do.

If it comes to quality, affordable price, a wide range of fashion clothes and many others, Spanx is the best. The site-wide promotional SPANX coupon codes will make your purchase even more exciting. With SPANX, you will never get disappointed.

SPANX Review Summary

Spanx, Inc. is an American clothing and apparel company focusing on shaping briefs and leggings. Founded in Atlanta, Spanx specializes in shaping garments intended to make people appear thinner. With its popular products, Spanx has secured its place in women's hearts and in pop-culture. Keeping the primary objective as solving wardrobe woes, the Spanx company has come a long way in offering Women's and Men's fashion apparel that is not only trendy, but worth your money.

Headquartered in Atlanta, GA and opening retail shops across the United States, SPANX can now be found worldwide in more than 50 countries. In addition to keeping butts covered from Savannah to Singapore, SPANX also shapes the world by focusing on our mission: To help women feel great about themselves and their potential.

SPANX's figure-enhancing creations, offered in hundreds of designs and a variety of fabrics, can be paired with nearly every ensemble for any occasion. With the right mix of brains, creativity, and humor, SPANX founder, Sara Blakely, has been successful in making powerful panties part of pop culture, rapidly growing the business, and establishing SPANX as a laugh-out-loud luxury brand with faithful fans around the world.

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