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IYURA Kansa Wand Review | Design, Benefits, How-To-Use & Maintenance

Home Beauty and Personal Care IYURA Kansa Wand Review | Design, Benefits, How-To-Use & Maintenance

The Kansa Wand is an unique, exquisite & effective massage tool hand-crafted in India and works great in giving you a younger looking face, relieving from stress and pain, and rejuvenating your mind-body. Whether used as a part of a facial or a stand-alone experience, this wand is designed give you a natural, gentle face-tightening and revitalizing experience.

Kansa Wand Design

Kansa wand is made with the healing metal of India known as Kansa and is all natural involving no electronic gadgets, harmful radiations or chemicals.

iYura Kansa Wand Design
iYura Kansa Wand Design
The metal used in Kansa is an alloy of tin and copper, known as bronze. Kansa or bronze metal, revolutionized the ancient practices in several ways. Kansa Wand, made with Kansa metal, is very light to hold and easy to work on the face. It is easy to carry around and travel-friendly. The Kansa wand is designed to move deep into and underneath the contours of the face and around areas where that hold the most tension like the browline, the jawline etc.

How to use Kansa Wand?

When using Kansa Wand, as a face massage tool, introduce it from the head holding the wand like a pencil and gently massage with clockwise circular motion on the forehead. To reduce fine lines on forehead, use eraser motion to vertically slide Kansa wand up and down on forehead. Massage your cheeks gently as you glide down and firmly as you glide it in upward direction.

The Ayurveda Kansa wand is specifically designed to massage Marmas, the vital points in the body, such as veins, muscles, joints, or ligaments, where the life force energy is concentrated. Some of the vital marmas on the face are the hollow of the temple, around the eye socket, right in front of the ear, middle of the cheek. Marmas, when activated by touch or massage, provide deepest level of healing, specifically calming to nervous system and easing muscle tension.

Kansa wand is easy to use and does not need any special training. Watch this short video to learn about how to use Kansa Wand -

You may be wondering...Does Kansa Wand really work? Is Kansa Wand a Hoax?

Kansa Wand is not a hoax or scam and it absolutely works. Whether as a part of a facial or a stand-alone experience, kansa wand gives a natural, gentle face-tightening and revitalizing experience that you may not get using other tools or therapies. Continue reading further to learn about Kansa Wand benefits and how it works.

What are the Benefits of Kansa Wand?

Ayurvedic massage tools, such as Kansa Wand, have been used for thousands of years in Ayurveda
Kansa Wand and Kumkumadi Oil
history to reduce stress, increase energy, and enhance health and personal well-being. The facial massage was practiced until 19th century to counter the signs of aging such as wrinkles, dark circles and fine lines.

Improved blood circulation and relaxation
Due to its healing properties, Kansa Wand massage offers many such advantages for your face and body: legs, arms, head, neck, back, stomach, chest, etc. which helps to improve blood circulation and relax the area. You can also use Kansa wand to get relief and relaxation for stiff shoulders or painful backs.

Revitalization, Anti-aging effects
Massaging the face with the wand revitalizes face by gently lifting your facial skin, increasing blood circulation and reducing the face pain and swelling. The oxygen produced from increased circulation helps detoxify skin by releasing toxins and make it look brighter and naturally fresh. It's a great complement to the other facial massage therapies and anti-aging treatments used reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

Pain relief, Muscle relaxation, Assists deep sleep
Kansa Wand also reduces pain and tension in shoulder and neck muscles. It offers a sensation that calms the nervous system and eases muscle tension, helping to relax the whole body and calm the mind. It also makes it easier to fall into a deep and relaxing sleep.

Detoxification and the Kansa wand graying effect
Kansa Wand is a great tool to reduce acidity by detoxifying and relax your body, mind and spirit. Some may observe a temporary greying effect on the skin by using the Kansa Wand. This is primarily because of the acidity in your body, that Kansa wand is drawing from your skin. Acidity in your body reacts with the Kansa metal causing the temporary greyness on the skin. The graying effect is good, because you are detoxifying your skin and reducing acidity in your body, helping towards your goal of improving health and wellness. When this graying effect occurs, just gently wipe the area of skin using a soft tissue and a gentle soap.

Kansa Wand is a great Ayurvedic choice over various modern wands in the market, such as Dermawand. Derma wand uses stimulation technology with high radio frequencies and thermal energy, which may have some potential side effects such as redness, sensitivity, peeling or dry skin. But with Kansa Wand, there’s nothing to get worried about because the wand is working towards giving you a natural, safe and effective face-tightening and revitalizing experience. Plus, you don't need any electrical wires or batteries.

How to Clean Kansa Wand

Periodic cleaning of Kansa Wand is necessary to maintain its hygiene, energy and longevity. Kansa is a sensitive metal due to its unique electrical-conductivity characteristics, hence it should be cleaned periodically and maintained with care. ​You can clean your Kansa Wand with a chemical free and non-abrasive soap to ensure that there is no oil residue left on the metal. ​You can also use a mixture of tea tree oil and sterilized organic clay to clean your wand.

To prepare this mixture, make a paste of organic clay, a drop of tea tree oil and warm water, apply to the Kansa metal surface, wipe it clean with a damp cloth. Avoid using hot water or any soap or chemical that could be harsh on the metal. Do not scrub the Kansa metal surface with anything harsh or abrasive. You can also purchase a Kansa Wand Maintenance Kit from The Ayurveda Experience for $15. It contains Kansa Wand maintenance clay, Kansa Wand maintenance oil and a cleansing cloth to make the process simple and easy.

The Kansa Wand tool is effective in giving you a younger looking face, relieving from pain and stress, and rejuvenating whole mind-body. Due to it's stress-relieving, skin-nourishing and mind-body-rejuvenating benefits, the ayurvedic Kansa Wand has many received positive reviews and acclaim from its customers across the globe.

The Ayurveda experience offers a complementary oil when you buy a Kansa wand. Although you may be able to purchase Kansa Wand from Amazon as well, you will not receive a free bottle of Kesaradi, Kumkumadi or Kansa oil offered on The Ayurveda Experience website.

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