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IYURA Kesaradi Oil and Kansa Wand Review
Ayurveda, a system of natural healing, has been around for thousands of years and uses more than 5,000 herbs. Some of these are well-known for resolving common health and skin-care problems we encounter in our day-to-day lives. However, just containing natural ingredients and herbs does not make a product Ayurvedic. Ayurveda is a science which is very precise with specific principles and recommendations. The iYura Kesaradi Oil and Kansa Wand are the unique and popular ayurvedic products offered by The Ayurveda Experience ensures you get a range of premium and all natural Ayurvedic products that make practicing Ayurveda an authentic, effective and a fun experience for it's customers.

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Continue reading our review to learn about benefits, ingredients and applications for iYura Kesaradi Oil and Kansa Wand offered by The Ayurveda Experience.

iYURA Kesaradi Oil Review

Facial oils have been an integral part of our mother’s and grandmother’s beauty regime for hundreds of years. However, the use of essential oils in the skincare ritual is getting lot of attention in the modern world. The iYura Kesaradi™ Oil, also called as 'beauty elixir', is one of these modern Ayurvedic oils that gained a lot of popularity in recent days. IYura Kesaradi is designed to be gentle on the skin and has aromatic benefits. It's ancient Ayurvedic recipe goes beyond hundreds of years, and is based on Ayurveda’s classical formulation of the Kumkumadi Oil, which helps skin retain it's radiance and youthful appearance. The Kesaradi oil is based on an unique blend of 16 powerful ayurvedic ingredients such as saffron, turmeric, Symplocus, Sesame Oil, Licorice, Mustard, Rose and several other herbs, which makes it a super-potent blend for a beautiful, radiant, bright complexion
The Ayurveda Experience - Kesaradi Oil
iYura Kesaradi Oil
I have been using iYura Kesaradi Oil over past few weeks and have already started noticing an improvement in brightness and radiance in my facial complexion. I applied just 3 drops of kesaradi oil twice a day - in the morning and at night before sleep. It feels pretty great on the skin and has a mild scent of rose oil. Not only does it smell great, it also cleared up few blemishes and moisturized my skin. Kesaradi oil worked well under makeup and it did not gave an greasy appearance to skin. The makeup products went smoothly over it. Each bottle has 1.69 ounces Or 50 ml of Kesaradi Oil. We estimate each bottle to last roughly 1.5 months if you use it twice a day.

To get the best results, you can gently massage in upward circular motion onto the face and neck after cleansing and toning. If you are using Kasa Wand, then take 2-4 drops of Kesadari oil in your palm, gently tap it on your face and neck, and then gently massage your skin in circular and to and fro motion. Complete the massage on one side of the face before you move onto the other side. Note that this oil is for external use only.
The iYura Kesaradi Oil uses the powerful properties of premium herb saffron, an expensive glow-giving herb, that has been known to give a radiant and smooth skin, fight acne and blemishes, giving you a luminous complexion. It improves the facial texture by moisturizing and brightening the dull skin. The Kesaradi oil not only contains Saffron, but also rose oil, known for it's beauty-enhancing and rejuvenating effects, turmeric, cow-milk and other powerful Ayurvedic herbs and flowers such as Manjishtha, Lodhra, Priyangu, Kamal, and Palashphool.

Here are some of the key ayurvedic ingredients in iYura Kesaradi™ Oil -

iYura Kesaradi Oil Ingredients Sanskrit name
Sesame Oil (Sesamum indicum) Tila
Indian barberry (Berberis aristata) Daruharidra
Turmeric (Curcuma longa) Haridra
Licorice (Glycyrrihza glabra) Yashtimadhu
Symplocus Tree (Symplocus recemosa) Lodhra
Indian Madder (Rubia cordifolia) Manjistha
Black Mustard (Brassica nigra) Sarshapa
Rose Chestnut (Mesua ferra) Nagkeshar
Indian Bark (Cinnamomum tamala) Tejpatra
Sweet Flag (Acorus calamus) Vacha
Saffron (Crocus sativus) kumkum
Sacred Lotus (Nelumbo nucifera) kamal
Beauty berry (Callicarpa macrophylla) Priyangu
Flame of the forest (Butea monosperma) Palash
Banyan tree (Ficus benghalensis) Vata
Vetiver Grass (Viteveria zizanioides) Ushira
Rose (Rosa centifolia) Taruni
Water (Aqua) Jala
Cow milk Go dugdha

The iYura Kesaradi oil is applicable for all skin types and it can be used as a part of your daycare or night care regime. It gives best results when used along with iYURA Kansa Wand. The Kesaradi oil is currently not available at Amazon and is entirely sold at The Ayurveda Experience website for $40.00 and is in stock. Kesaradi Oil is one of their most popular products receiving 4.9 star ratings based on ‎495 customers reviews. It receives 4.8 star rating from us as well.

What differentiates iYURA from other Ayurveda brands?
All iYURA products, while remaining authentic to the classical formulations, cater to the modern, western users, who do not want oil stains or pungent smell on their clothes or use oil that is too complex to apply. As most Ayurvedic products are made of herbs, oils and natural extracts, some of these Ayurvedic products may cause such inconveniences.
iYura makes sure that you are getting premium, authentic and effective Ayurvedic products, that does not get overwhelming for you. iYura oils does not stain clothes and smells nice and mild. All iYura products does not include any chemicals, harmful additives, binders etc and are not tested on animals. iYURA ensures that it meets your modern needs and introduces innovation to Ayurvedic products without compromising on the authenticity of the formulation or the ancient recipe behind the product.

Kansa Wand and Kumkumadi Oil Review

The iYura Kansa Wand is an unique, exquisite & effective massage tool hand-crafted in India and works great in giving you a younger looking face, relieving from stress and pain, and rejuaneting your mind-body. Whether used as a part of a facial or a stand-alone experience, this wand is designed give you a natural, gentle face-tightening and revitalizing experience. Kansa wand is made with the healing metal of India - Kansa and is all natural involving no electronic gadgets, harmful radiations or chemicals. The metal used in Kansa is an alloy of tin and copper, known as bronze. Kansa or bronze metal, revolutionized the ancient practices in several ways. Kansa Wand, made with Kansa metal, is very light to hold and easy to work on the face. It is easy to carry around and travel-friendly. The Kansa wand is designed to move deep into and underneath the contours of the face and around areas where that hold the most tension like the browline, the jawline etc.

Kansa Wand and Kumkumadi Oil
Kansa Wand and Kumkumadi Oil
How to use Kansa Wand?
The Kansa Wand is a medium sized wand, versatile and great to use on the face and on your body: legs, arms, head, neck, back, stomach, chest, etc. to improve blood circulation and relax the area. You can also use Kansa wand to get relief and relaxation for stiff shoulders or painful backs.

When using Kansa Wand for the face, introduce it from the head holding the wand like a pencil and gently massage with clockwise circular motion on the forehead. To reduce fine lines on forehead, use eraser motion to vertically slide Kansa wand up and down on forehead. Massage your cheeks gently as you glide down and firmly as you glide it in upward direction. The Kansa wand is specifically designed to massage Marmas, the vital points in the body, such as veins, muscles, joints, or ligaments, where the life force energy is concentrated. Some of the vital marmas on the face are the hollow of the temple, around the eye socket, right in front of the ear, middle of the cheek. Marmas, when activated by touch or massage, provide deepest level of healing, specifically calming to nervous system and easing muscle tension.

What are the Benefits of Kansa Wand?
Kansa Wand Review
Kansa Wand
Ayurvedic massage tools, such as Kansa Wand, have been used for thousands of years in Ayurveda history to reduce stress, increase energy, and enhance health and personal well-being. The facial massage was practiced until 19th century to counter the signs of aging such as wrinkles, dark circles and fine lines. Due to its healing properties, Kansa Wand massage offers many such advantages for your face and body. Massaging the face with the wand revitalizes face by gently lifting your facial skin, increasing blood circulation and reducing the face pain and swelling. The oxygen produced from increased circulation helps detoxify skin by releasing toxins and make it look brighter and naturally fresh. It's a great complement to the other facial massage therapies and anti-aging treatments used reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Kansa Wand also reduces pain and tension in shoulder and neck muscles. It offers a pleasurable sensation that calms the nervous system and eases muscle tension, helping to relax the whole body and calm the mind. It also makes it easier to fall into a deep and relaxing sleep. Kansa Wand reduces acidity by detoxifying and unifying your body, mind and spirit. Due to it's stress-relieving, skin-nourishing and mind-body-rejuvenating benefits, the Kansa Wand has received positive reviews and acclaim from its customers across the globe.

Kumkumadi oil
Kumkumadi Oil ($31.50)
The Kansa Wand, when ordered from The Ayurveda Experience site comes with a free bottle of Kumkumadi oil, an Ayurvedic herbal oil used for face massage. The Kumkumadi oil, also called as Kumkumadi Tailam, is a unique blend of Ayurvedic herbs and natural oils formulated to make your skin look younger and healthier. With this oil, you can save all that effort of preparing an effective concoction by meticulously mixing up various herbs and essential oils. Kumkumadi Tailam is also commonly used for treating dark circles. To apply, take about 3-5 drops of the oil on to your thumb and softly rub over each dark circle area for 2 minutes. Perform moon shaped movements below both the eyes. Once done, you can wash off the oil with warm water and mild soap. If you are applying a thin layer of Kumkumadi oil with 1-2 drops, then you can leave it on face without washing. It will act as a natural moisturizer.

A bottle of Kumkumadi oil comes with 16 powerful Ayurvedic ingredients which will make your daily skincare regime an easy and relaxing experience. Kumkumadi oil is a non-sticky, rich orange tinted facial oil that sinks into damp skin and absorbs quickly. In Ayurveda, pure Saffron illuminates the complexion, an antiseptic Licorice Glycyrrihza glabra protects your skin against bacterial infections, extracts of Banyan tree and Madder with anti-aging properties helps smoothen out wrinkles and repair early signs of aging, and Vetiver Grass and Lotus offers a cooling effect while clearing blemishes and also helps improve skin texture. This makes Kumkumadi Tailam an essential day or night beauty treatment for your skin and restoring it's health and glow.

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Currently the The Ayurveda Experience offers 3 different Ayurvedic oils as complementary when you purchase a Kansa Wand. Plus, you can get up to 40% off  discount on below products.
1) Kansa Wand Plus Free Kumkumadi Oil (Buy for $31.50 $55.00)
2) Kansa Wand Plus Free Kesaradi™ Oil (Buy for $65.00 $105.00)
3) Kansa Wand Plus Free iYURA Kansa Oil (Buy for $58.50 $105.00)

The Kansa Wand tools are effective in giving you a younger looking face, relieving from pain and stress, and rejuaneting whole mind-body. Whether as a part of a facial or a stand-alone experience, this wand gives a natural, gentle face-tightening and revitalizing experience that you may not get using other tools or therapies. Although you may be able to purchase Kansa Wand from Amazon, you will not receive a free bottle of Kesaradi, Kumkumadi or iYura Kansa™ oil offered on The Ayurveda Experience website.

If achieving your health and fitness is going to be your resolution, The Ayurveda Experience gives you a perfect opportunity to add more motivation and substance to your preparation for the same. Shop some of their most results-oriented, life-enriching, much-acclaimed products with confidence and take a step forward towards your health and fitness goal.

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