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Teeki Leggings Review: Eco-Conscious Hot Yoga Pants | 10% Off Teeki Coupon

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As responsible fashion consumers, we are conscious of the consequences of what we buy and wear. However, it is also essential that we find eco-friendly apparel that appeals to our fashion senses.

So, the challenge here is to strike the right balance of style and environment friendly product!

Fortunately, there are designers who have come up with ingenious ideas and products that align perfectly with the eco-friendly concept.

Teeki is one such innovative brand that has embraced sustainability while successfully delivering trendsetting products that take the idea of green fashion to new levels.

This eco-conscious active wear line for women employs sustainable practices at every level of its business to meet the demands of an environmentally-conscious, fashionable customer base. By putting the welfare of the planet at the forefront, Teeki has redefined fashion as something that can be fun, yet sensible.
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The ingenuity of this brand lies in the fact that all their products, including its most-popular Teeki yoga pants, are entirely made from recycled plastic bottles!


Then continue reading me as I explore the story behind this unique active wear brand that differentiates itself from the standard leggings you find everywhere.

What is Teeki all about?

The brain behind Teeki is Lindsay Hemric, aka Moonshine, an eco-designer who is fond of meditating with dolphins and equally passionate about environment-friendly fashion.

The idea of Teeki was born when Lindsay (who, by the way, describes herself as a “mermaid”, on the Teeki website) had had enough of sweating in cotton at her hot yoga sessions. So, she came up with this unique idea of cute fashion apparel that is eco-friendly.

Inspired by the beauty of nature and driven by the strong belief that we are responsible for preserving what the Earth has gifted us, Lins founded Teeki in 2009 to give wings to her vision of eco-friendly fashion.

Teeki is highly committed to honoring and respecting the purity of the earth and nature itself. As a result, the brand goes to great lengths to source only the highest quality materials and use the best methods to produce amazing products of unsurpassable beauty and quality. Hence, it is no wonder that Teeki leggings are the preferred choice for hundreds of active women from all over the world.

What Makes Teeki So Special?

There are various brands that fit the eco-friendly green label. How is Teeki different from them?

I believe it is the culture and values of this brand that make it stand out. Not only is Teeki about creating amazing clothes from recycled plastics, the brand is committed to making a difference by supporting the land that it belongs to and the people there. Teeki does this through its solar powered factories in sunny California that provide employment opportunities to local residents in the area.

Another commendable factor is that Teeki does an excellent job of promoting local boutiques, by employing them as sales channels.

Now, here’s some interesting info — Did you know that all Teeki hot pants, from classic bell bottoms to quirky Teeki leggings, are carefully sewn by hand to ensure perfection?

Teeki pants are also energy efficient and low-maintenance. Add to it that the lively prints on them are inspired by the breathtaking beauty of nature, Teeki is in every way a win-win for the eco-friendly fashionista.

How Does Teeki Work?

As I mentioned earlier, the brand uses recycled plastic bottles to create the fabric for Teeki yoga pants and Teeki leggings. They follow a process called PET where plastic containers are converted into pellets that are melted to make the fiber that is used in various Teeki products.

Teeki Raw Materials - Recycled Plastics
With twenty-five bottles used to produce each Teeki pant, just imagine the extent to which this company keeps plastic out of landfills!

Other raw materials used in their products are organic cotton and recycled polyester, both of which are sustainable choices. For their vibrant prints, Teeki follows a special printing process that uses 90% less water than standard fabric printing.

You may be curious about how practical and safe fabric made from reprocessed plastic is. Well, Teeki guarantees healthy and safe products through extensive testing (but not on animals)!

By using healthy inks free from phthalates and PVC, Teeki ensures all products are safe and pose no health concerns. Additionally, their fabrics have EPA approval and the company has quality certifications from reputed organizations like Oeko-tex standard 100, Green Mark and Bluesign.

Exploring the Teeki Range

Since its inception, Teeki activewear has expanded to include various product lines, designs and styles to cater to diverse tastes. Let us take a closer to look at their different product categories and find what the brand has to offer.

Teeki Yoga Pants Review

From vibrant Teeki leggings with remarkable stretching abilities to the more whimsical bell bottom pants, the Teeki yoga pants range offers an impressive range of choices. Here are the different pant styles they offer:

Teeki Hot Pants Sale
Teeki Hot Pants:
Eagle Feather Green

Teeki Hot Pants

Not only are Teeki yoga pants comfortable, I also love the fact that these pants feature stunning prints inspired by nature’s oceans, sky, flora, fauna and landscapes. They have wide waistbands. So, you can wear it as it is or fold it over if you prefer a low-rise look. Contemporary pieces such as Eagle Feather Green hot pants are also suitable as casual wear for fun outings.

Teeki Bell bottoms

If you are fond of the bell bottoms trend that is officially back, the Teeki collection of insanely chic bell bottom yoga pants will certainly impress you. These pants are designed for perfect comfort with captivating prints and cut-out details and all the pieces in this collection are delightfully feminine. The Woodstock bell bottoms, which is my favorite, is also a best seller with its fun and flirty floral print and comfortable fit.

Teeki Sun shorts

Teeki Sun Shorts Sale
Teeki Sun Shorts:
Sisters Of The Sun
The Teeki sun shorts category has both classic colors and energetic vibrant designs that pair well with
Teeki tank tops. Their quirky prints are very attractive. Now, if you are like me, your wardrobe is incomplete without a pair of Teeki solid black shorts. Since these are always in great demand, you may have to go on their waitlist when you order one. But the wait is worth it!

Teeki Goddess Capris

Teeki Goddess Capris are my preferred choice for active outdoor workout gear. They are available in solid colors and nature-inspired decorative prints and have fantastic fits. I must also add that the amazing designs on capris like the Cusco Rambler Goddess Capri, actually make me look forward to my next workout session.

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Teeki Women’s Yoga Tops Review

Teeki has an amazing range of lover tanks and mermaid tanks in decorative prints and solid colors. Here are the details.

Teeki Tanks Sale
Teeki Lover Tanks:
New Moon Rainbow

Teeki Lover Tanks

True-to-fit lover tanks are just perfect when you want a coordinated top-to-bottom yoga outfit. The best thing about these tops is that they stretch well to keep you cool while you work out. The New Moon Rainbow Lover tank is one of the best pieces in the collection, as it is great for mixing and matching with all types of pants.

Teeki Mermaid Tanks

Teeki has a wide variety of interesting and vivid mermaid tank tops. They feature very appealing artistic prints and the fabric feels great on skin. My all-time favorite in this collection is the Mermaid FairyQueen Teal Mermaid tank, with its dazzling finish and intricate fish scale details befitting its name.

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Why Customers Love Teeki

Teeki, as a brand, has so much to offer customers. The company supports the adventurous spirit of the modern woman and encourages active and healthy lifestyle choices. It is also THE brand that perfectly appeals to our eco-conscious side, without compromising on fit, feel and style.

One of the reasons why Teeki is such a big hit is the high-quality standards it meets. Teeki yoga pants withstand the tremendous stress of strenuous physical activities and hold up for a long time.

Teeki pants require less energy for upkeep, as it is easy to clean and dry—making it the ideal choice for women who are active. Additionally, Teeki apparel is comfortable and functional. It moves with the body, stretching generously. Teeki leggings act like a second skin, holding shape and resisting tears.

Teeki yoga pants and tops are also some of the trendiest active wear options for women. With amazing detailing and lively patterns, Teeki gear is stylish enough to wear outdoors as well.

The prices of Teeki apparel adds to its appeal. All their products are terrific value for money in terms of durability and aesthetic quality. Also, with attractive discounts and Teeki sales throughout the year, you can own a variety of Teeki pieces at unbelievable prices. Plus you can save 10% off your entire order when you apply our exclusive Teeki coupon code at checkout.

Here are some interesting details about getting the best deals when shopping at Teeki.

Teeki Sales and Sitewide Promotions

As it is, Teeki products are very reasonably priced! However, you will also find amazing Teeki discounts and sales on selected items throughout the year.

Teeki Hot Pants Sale
Teeki Leggings Sale
Find all the latest and updated listings of items on discount at the Teeki sale page. With prices significantly reduced up to 60% on Teeki sale items, they are a steal with 10% off Teeki promo code. I am sure you will find most of them too good to resist.

Another great way to save on Teeki leggings and tops is to become a brand ambassador. When you sign up for this opportunity, you will earn rewards on all referral purchases.

As an ambassador, you will not only be associated with Teeki’s noble cause, you will also be entitled to exclusive benefits like early notifications about Teeki sale promotions and golden chances to take part in their campaigns and events.

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Teeki also updates details of discounts and promotions on their social media pages. During holiday seasons, such as Labor Day, Black Friday or Christmas, they publish limited-time Teeki coupon code that can be applied site-wide. So, subscribe to these channels to receive notifications on Teeki sales and promotions.

Teeki Activewear Competition and Alternatives

Just like Teeki, there are other brands that incorporate recycled plastic fibers into their products. Fashion giants like Patagonia and Adidas have been using reprocessed plastic in products like backpacks, t-shirts and shoes.

Aday also uses reprocessed plastic bottles in its famous Waste Nothing Jacket. However, these brands restrict the use of recycled materials to selected products, and not the entire line as in the case of Teeki. Also, they have limited the use of such fabric to outerwear and accessories and offer few to no options in active wear.

Girlfriend Collective is an athleisure company that operates along similar lines as Teeki. Their leggings are also made from recycled plastic bottles and boast of good quality and comfortable fit. Prices are also comparable with Teeki.

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However, if we compare the variety of available options, Teeki emerges as the leader. The leggings collection at Girlfriend Collective only includes classic, solid colors. However, there is a greater variety of decorative prints as well as monochromatic shades in Teeki leggings. Teeki yoga pants and tops are also in tune with the latest fashion trends.

Other Factors to Consider When Buying Teeki

If you look at Teeki reviews on the web, you will quickly realize one thing—Teeki customers are happy with the products they purchase. Teeki reviews for hot yoga pants have customers gushing over how comfortable they are and declaring that they are hooked to the comfort and quality of Teeki leggings.

Nevertheless, an issue that the occasional customer may face with Teeki pants is with the waistband not being elasticated. This review on Outdoor Gear Lab mentions that it will not affect users with a well-toned stomach area. In our opinion, it may be a problem if you have slightly larger waistline and you may feel bit tighter.

Teeki Leggings Review Summary | Our Ratings 4.7 Out Of 5

Teeki produces some of the most resilient and attractive active and sportswear garments for women. With high quality, excellent prices and attractive details, Teeki yoga pants and tops are both practical and pretty. The environmental benefits of Teeki leggings and tops are also obvious.

Most importantly, the vision of this company aligns perfectly with the conscience of a true yogi. By creating functional apparel for women from plastic that would otherwise clog the earth, Teeki empowers fashion buyers with sustainable, but smart dressing choices. And as the Teeki tribe proudly point out on their website, their initiatives have created a higher demand for recycled plastics than virgin plastics, making the earth a better place already. The very concept is revolutionary!

Thus, Teeki is a lasting solution for many of our sustainable fashion needs and undoubtedly a shining example of an exciting, inspiring and trend-setting fashion brand. When you buy teekis you are supporting the movement towards greener products and a healthier planet. You are the change!

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