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iYURA Himaruti Foot Oil Review | Ingredients, Benefits and How-To-Use

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iYURA Himaruti Oil Ingredients
One of the worst things to experience is having dry and itchy feet. And, there are many causes for having itchy feet which includes having dry skin in general. Or possibly, you may have a fungal infection like Athlete's foot which will cause your feet to itch to the point it is driving you crazy.

Or, even if that is not the cause of itchy feet, it may happen if you have been on your feet for hours because that will dry out the skin on your feet. You will also likely find that you are going to have to make constant stops to take off your shoes and socks to scratch those itchy feet. And, this can be very distressing if you are trying different ways to get rid of the itchiness and dryness and having to find out over and over again that nothing has helped.

You may have tried to put petroleum jelly or mineral oil on your feet to soothe the itchiness and find that the relief is short lived. And, the frustration will continue. You may have already likely been to the pharmacy to only purchase treatments for itchy feet that is likely filled with chemicals and other questionable ingredients. Not to mention, a lot of these chemical-based treatments give off strong odors that are not overly pleasant.

With iYURA Himaruti foot oil, you can have a natural foot skin remedy that is not only completely natural, but highly effective. The blurb that comes with this product is: A Unique Foot Oil with ‘The Eternal Root’ - Pure, Classical. Its one of the unique oils from The Ayurveda Experience. Lets find out what makes it so unique.

Continue reading our iYURA Himaruti oil review to to learn about a product that may alleviate your foot dryness and itching issues.

What Is iYURA Himaruti Foot Oil?

iYURA Himaruti foot oil by iYURA is made of up natural medicinal herbs that has been practiced in Ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years that has been able to heal itching, dryness and burning from the feet.

The name Himaruti is derived from the Sanskrit words him which means ice, and maruti which means wind, and this is how the product name was created. One of iYURA Himaruti Oil benefits is that it soothes the burning sensation by cooling it down. And, the healing properties that are in iYURA Himaruti Oil ingredients are excellent foot moisturizers.

And, Ayurvedic practitioners over thousands of years have not only treated the skin discomfort from feet with this oil, but it can help treat gout as well. And, it can be used not only on your feet but it can be used on your legs and other parts of your skin so you can get the smoothing, the cooling, and moisturizing effect to bring you the comfort you need. Additionally, it has a lovely and calming aroma that you will need to help you unwind after a long and tiresome day.

If you read iYURA Himaruti Oil reviews, you will see how helpful it has been for many people that have suffered from foot dryness and itchiness. They rave about the much-needed relief that this product has provided them, along with having their skin elasticity restored and they feel that this product has changed their lives for the better. That is because the potent natural ingredients that have been used in Ayurvedic medicine are what makes up this special foot oil.

iYURA Himaruti Oil Ingredients

These powerful herbs that have been used among Ayurvedic practitioners for thousands of years are what makes this product so unique. Let's take a look at what this product is composed of right now:

Sesame Seed Oil

Himaruti Oil - Sesame oil or Tila Taila
Sesame Seed Oil Or Tila Taila
Sesame Seed Oil, or Sesamum Indicum, or Tila is one of the most potent ingredients that make iYURA Himaruti foot oil so extraordinary. According to Times Of India, it is a known fact that many healing properties are in this natural treatment because it is rich in some B-Vitamins as well as in Vitamin E, antioxidants and copper. These vitamins and minerals are not only healing, but you need them in your body.

Any kind of damaged tissues are repaired by the antioxidants in the sesame oil, which in itself will provide the relief that you need in your feet. Not to mention, the copper, B-Vitamins and the Vitamin E will help improve elasticity in the skin which will also moisten your feet. It also improves elasticity in joints, bones, and in blood vessels. This is how gout has also been treated. That said, your feet will feel great after using this product due to this ingredient alone. The sesame seed oil works very well with Indian Madder, which is one of iYURA Himaruti foot oil ingredients.

Manjishtha Root Or Indian Madder

iYURA Himaruti Foot Oil Ingredient - Indian Madder or Manjishtha
Indian Madder or Manjishtha
The Manjishtha root or Indian Madder is a medicinal herb that Ayurvedic practitioners have used to treat many ailments over thousands of years. According to WebMD, the Manjishtha root has been an effective natural treatment for skin disorders, bruises, and is a great detoxifier.

In fact, Indian Madder has other antiviral, antibacterial, and antifungal amazing properties and can treat foot fungal ailments such as Athlete's foot. Additionally, it protects your feet from contracting any kind of infection. That said, Indian Madder has been used as a natural antibiotic throughout Ayurveda history.

The Manjishtha root grows in the Himalayas as well as in other areas where there are mountains. And, another great thing about this product is that it has agents that help cool your skin down. That said, many women that are menopausal or perimenopausal have used this treatment for hot flashes as well. Indian Madder works very well together with the other Himaruti foot oil ingredients such as Indian Sarsaparilla.

Anantamool Or Indian Sarsaparilla

Himaruti Oil - Anantamool Or Indian Sarsaparilla
Anantamool Or Indian Sarsaparilla
The medicinal herb, Indian Sarsaparilla, or, Anantamool, or as it has been referred to the Hemidesmus Indicus has been used to treat various illnesses in the Ayurveda practice for the longest time.

According to Healthline, Indian Sarsaparilla has so many incredible benefits which include treating conditions like psoriasis, arthritis, and can be an excellent cancer deterrent. And, this amazing ingredient has been beneficial for soothing dry and itchy skin as well. This is why the Indian Sarsaparilla is one of the key ingredients in iYURA Himaruti foot oil. It works so well with the other healing herbs that are in this amazing healing remedy. Additionally, it works very well with beeswax!


Himaruti Oil - Beeswax or Madhucchista
Beeswax or Madhucchista
Beeswax, or, Madhucchista has been an important healing treatment that has been used for thousands of years by Ayurvedic practitioners. That is because according to Best Bees, beeswax is an excellent skin protector and moisturizer. Not only does beeswax have anti-inflammatory properties, but it keeps the skin protected from infections, and keeps it moisturized.

In fact, this is one of the most important Himaruti foot oil ingredients because of it's highly protective aspects. Beeswax has other healing aspects as well which involve healing wounds. That said, this is an important component of any formula that is meant to heal itchy and dry feet that cause you to feel like they are burning! Beeswax works well with the other healing components of this product such as Indian Dammer.

Indian Dammer

Himaruti Oil - Indian Dammer, Sarja rasa or Shorea Robusta Resin
Indian Dammer - Sarja rasa
or Shorea Robusta Resin
Indian Dammer, or as it is also called Sarja rasa, or Shorea Robusta Resin has been used as a treatment in Ayurveda because of its potent healing properties.

According to Only My Health, Indian dammer is an excellent medicinal herb to treat skin disorders and diseases. That said, this is one of iYURA Himaruti Foot Oil ingredients that help ward off bacteria, fungi, and viruses on feet, and on other parts of the body as well.

Now that you have this amazing product that has so many healing ingredients, you will never have to face having dry, itchy and burning feet again.

And, the instructions of applying this product to your feet or to your skin in general are extremely easy to follow.

iYURA Himaruti Oil Directions and How-To's

Applying iYURA Himaruti foot oil to your feet is extremely easy, and you are going to love how it feels. All you need to do is to warm up the oil. Then once you do that, you can just apply it on your feet. You can use your hands to rub it in, or if you prefer, you can use the Kansa Foot wand.

In fact, using the Kansa Foot wand will provide you a better result because the benefits will be felt a lot more. However, if you don't have one, you can use your hands and it will still produce the desired effect.

You can apply iYURA Himaruti Oil to your feet once or twice a day, at any time of the day. However, in order for you to reap the most of its benefits, you will want to apply it on your feet right before bed. Because, after you wake up, your feet will feel amazing, comfortably moist, and there will be no more itching.

You can also apply iYURA Himaruti foot oil to other areas on your skin such as on your legs and knees. That is because the knees become dry and itchy at times. You can banish that knee discomfort by placing the oil on your knees.

Here are some easy instructions on how to apply Himaruti Foot Oil -

However, before you buy Himaruti Oil, please read below for the key considerations.

iYURA Himaruti Foot Oil Side Effects, Risks and Considerations

iYURA Himaruti foot oil is an excellent product to relieve itchy and dry feet. However, not everyone can safely use this product.

If you have an allergy to any of iYURA Himaruti foot oil ingredients, then you will not be able to use this oil. If you are unsure whether or not you are allergic to any of the herbs used in this product, you will want to do an allergy patch test. Or, you can visit your allergist to make that determination.

Additionally, if you are pregnant, planning to become pregnant, or if you are breastfeeding, this product is not safe for you. A lot of these herbs are not recommended for pregnant or lactating women to take, as they will be absorbed into your bloodstream through your skin.

Or, if you develop rashes or hives after using this product, discontinue the use as soon as possible. Additionally, this product is not meant to heal, treat, or cure any ailment.

And, if you are unsure whether or not this product is safe for you to take, then you will want to make an appointment with your doctor before using it.

However, other than that, iYURA Himaruti Oil is not only safe to use if none of the above apply, but the benefits are remarkable. And, let’s now take a look at how they compare to other foot-relieving products.

iYURA Himaruti Foot Oil Alternatives

If you are looking for other foot nourishing products, you can find a few here, and here are the comparisons between these 3 products to iYURA Himaruti Oil.

Shankara Nourishing Foot Oil - This product is an alternative to iYURA Himaruti foot oil as it also is meant to provide relief to foot dryness and itchiness. However, the difference between this product and iYURA Himaruti foot oil is that it lacks beeswax which is what makes iYURA Himaruti Oil quite unique. The beeswax provides a stronger protection to the skin, which is a huge selling point for the iYURA product.

Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Nourishing Foot Cream - This foot nourishing product is quite effective however the one thing that this particular one lacks is that it does not have many of the medicinal Ayurvedic herbs. Additionally, this product is not completely natural like iYURA Himaruti Oil.

Banana Heel Cream - this product is good to treat cracked heels, but it also has ingredients that are non-vegan, and not natural. Additionally, it lacks a lot of the medicinal Ayurvedic herbs that makes iYURA Himaruti foot oil one of a kind.

Now that you know about some of the alternatives, you must be quite impressed with how well iYURA Himaruti foot oil can help you. And, you may be wondering where you can purchase iYURA Himaruti Oil!

Where To Buy iYURA Himaruti Foot Oil

Buy Himaruti Oil
Buy iYURA Himaruti Foot Oil
You can also buy Himaruti Oil at The Ayurveda Experience iYURA website.

You may not find iYURA Himaruti oil at Amazon or eBay.

The benefits of buying Himaruti oil off of the iYURA site is that you can take advantage of the occasional deals and discounts that they have during holidays.

If such offer comes your way, then you will not want to delay, since these offers may not last for very long.

iYURA Himaruti Oil Review Summary | Our Rating 4.8 Out Of 5

The Himaruti oil has numerous happy customers and it is evident in the reviews posted on The Ayurveda Experience.

Here are some of the testimonials on the iYURA Himaruti Foot Oil -
Candy Y. - I have been consistently using the Himaruti Oil for a little over a month! I must say I’m beyond impressed!! I’m indeed forever grateful for this miraculous remedy to my stubborn Athlete’s feet of 20+ years. I have tried Over-the-counter sprays, power, ointment.. you name it! I have seek medical care, bought the most nourishing foot cream from Australia, even soaking my feet in burning Listerine mouthwash and vinegar and all ended with disappointments! Until I see immediate improvements from using Himaruti Oil. I see the dryness gone, redness irritations easing up, the blisters reduced and the itchy sensation disappears within the first week of use. I continue to use it every night before sleep! Now I don’t have flaky, scaly dry feet with bubbles of blisters. See picture of my current condition!
Eowyn G. - Great foot oil This is a very nice treatment. I do not have healthy feet (I have EM). It causes a lot of damage and discomfort, both on the surface of the skin and also in the muscles and joints. I’ve been using this nightly for over a month and it definitely creates a much looser, relaxed feeling in my feet. That may not sound like much, but trust me, it means a lot.

In nutshell, if you are tired of having itchy and dry feet, and you want to use a completely natural product that is composed of healing herbs that have been used to treat various ailments by Ayurvedic practitioners, then this product is perfect for you. You will be so happy after you reap the benefits from using iYURA Himaruti Oil because you will finally receive the foot relief that you have been praying for the longest time!

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